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[Knowledge] The enterprise uses the foreign trade social media marketing promotion well, the effect lets you not expect!
With many traditional foreign trade enterprises have gone online, the internet competition is increasingly difficult. Foreign Trade Enterprises want to take the road on the line, then can not do without network marketing. But now the social media marketing promotion, is the foreign trade marketing a
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[Industry News] In today's foreign trade situation, can overseas social media do?
In the whole society's life habits have been pan-internet era, the traditional foreign trade rely on offline exhibition and acquaintances to introduce the form is too backward in the times. Especially in the epidemic at the moment, in fact, foreign trade from the line to the line is a general trend.
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[Industry News] Foreign trade social media marketing in the post-epidemic era
The impact of the epidemic on foreign trade is already obvious. The first is the problem of containers. It is difficult to find a single container. It can be said that the current foreign trade environment is very realistic. The second is the issue of order shipments, and the third is the issue of o
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[Industry News] As to 2021 , total 597 data center in the world, accelerate the telecommunication development
As an important carrier of the new generation of information and communication technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, data centers have become the foundation of the digital economy era. They have an unprecedentedly important strategic position and can be called "digit
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