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The Advantage of Pre-stranded Suspension Clamp

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Pre-stranded suspension clamps are used for the connection of ADSS fiber optic cable, OPGW fiber optic cable and other wires in the linear tower, in power engineering, the use of pre-stranded suspension clamps can well protect the fiber optic cable, there is an auxiliary role of vibration damping, well prolong the service life of the line. The whole set of pre-stranded suspension clamps includes: inner stranded wire, outer stranded wire, suspension head and rubber plus block, U-ring, aluminum shell, bolts, nuts, closed-end pins and other supporting connection hardware.

Pre-stranded dangling wire clip with minor magnetic loss, a large grip, and a small corona with double-curve vibration damping pad wrapped around the wire at suspension. Especially appropriate for big span lines projects, heavy ice areas, and high-voltage lines up to 220 KV.


Pre-stranded suspension clamp characteristics

1. The pre-stranded wire's suspension point stress is dispersed along its whole length, thus minimizing static stress and dynamic stress brought on by breeze vibration and protecting the wire from damage.

2. Suspension point stress dispersion, which significantly increases the wire's ability to withstand fatigue and lengthens its useful life.

3. Pre-stranded wire can offer a dependable grip and can bear heavy unbalanced loads without slipping.

4. Compared to the conventional dangling wire clip, a special structure can reduce electromagnetic loss and avoid corona discharge, exhibiting clear energy-saving qualities.

5. Increased the radius of curvature, made the wire hanging point more stiff, and allowed for single point clamps with steering angles up to 30 degrees and double point clamps with steering angles up to 60 degrees.

Pre-stranded suspension clamp advantages

1. The combination of inner and outer spiral pre-stranded wire to protect the role of fiber optic cable, can make the wire stress distribution evenly, no concentration point, can enhance the rigidity of the cable installation point, the cable protection performance is good.

2. The wire clip grip strength, can reach the rated tensile strength of fiber optic cable 10%-20%, dynamic stress bearing capacity.

3. The combination of inner and outer spiral pre-stranded wire can make the wire clip and fiber optic cable have a larger contact area, and with a flexible rubber clip block, enhanced self damping, so that wear and tear is reduced.

4. With anti-corona ring function, anti-corona ring can greatly improve the state of the electric field at the end of the high-altitude fiber optic cable and pre-stranded wire, reduce the loss of electrical energy, reduce the electric corrosion of the fiber optic cable due to corona, thus extending the service life of the cable.

5. Tthe use of high-quality aluminum alloy, improve the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of the line clip, greatly extending the life.

6. Simple installation, the construction personnel do not need to prepare special tools, the installation can be completed smoothly with bare hands, and it is easy to ensure the quality of installation, and the weight is also light, maintenance-free, reducing construction costs.

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