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Research on the faults and response methods of ordinary fiber optic cable for electric power communication

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Power communication fiber optic cables are very prone to failures in data transmission, which are generally manifested as reduced transmission rate, poor transmission quality, transmission interruption and so on. In the face of such a situation, reasonable means should be taken to deal with the failure in a timely manner, and strive to restore the stable operation of power communication fiber optic cable in a short period of time, so that it has a good rate level.

First, the power communication ordinary fiber optic cable failure

Communication cable is mainly through a number of (core) optical fiber (generally from a few cores to thousands of cores) composed of the core and outer sheath is composed of. Fiber optic cable by virtue of long transmission distance, no electromagnetic interference and low-cost advantages such as attention, is widely used in telecommunications, electric power, broadcasting and other sectors of the signal transmission, and gradually become the main body of the future communications network. In the process of its operation, by the influence of many factors are very prone to failure problems, to analyze the different failures in detail:

1, fiber optic cable damage

Fiber optic cable damage mainly refers to fiber optic cable body damage, belongs to the common form of failure [1]. Usually, this failure is mostly related to the following factors: 1 power communication cable mechanical properties of the cable body has changed significantly, it is difficult to meet the actual needs; 2 power communication cable core transmission performance changes, can not support the transmission of information.

2, fiber optic cable interruption

Power communication cable installation and construction is also prone to failure problems, generally manifested in the cable interruption. If the power communication cable line lead wire is not in accordance with the standard grounding, in the case of large grounding resistance, the current through the phenomenon will be charged and discharged, and ultimately burned stranded wire, directly endangering the lives of operators. Fiber optic cables in the strong electric field environment of electric corrosion, which leads to fiber optic cable breakage.

3, line joint failure

Line joint failure is a problem that can not be ignored, which has a direct impact on the operation of the communication cable system, the need to take reliable measures to deal with. In the detailed analysis of the structure of the cable, it can be found that the fiber optic protection of the cable line joints is weak. At present, the operation of fiber optic cable line protection is mostly dependent on the joint box, if the joint box problem, will directly interfere with the stability of the line, increasing the incidence of line failure .

Second, the causes of ordinary fiber optic cable failure of power communication

Power communication cable belongs to the modern society, an important medium of communication, information transmission has a greater help, the need to understand the faults that are very likely to occur, outlining the causes of failure, in order to take reasonable countermeasures.

1, installation and construction problems

When the ordinary fiber optic cable of electric power communication fails, it should give priority to the installation and construction problems. First, the cable grounding method does not meet the specifications, not in accordance with the specific requirements of the implementation of grounding. The lead wires are not insulated, and short circuit occurs when the current passes through, which directly burns the junction box. Second, not in accordance with the standard construction, such as fiber optic cable in the electric field environment on the cable caused by electric corrosion, accompanied by external pulling, the cable is very easy to break. Third, the overhead fiber optic cable is not in accordance with the requirements of the wall hanging, or many times demolition and relocation of the suspension point and the aging of the line, and failed to update in a timely manner.

In the installation stage, if the quality inspection of the junction box and fiber optic is ignored, the line is prone to interruption problems. Although the probability of this situation is low during the installation phase, it should be given high priority and the necessary measures should be taken to deal with it. Junction box fiber core damage or its own quality problems, can affect the stability of the line, so that the interruption of the situation. For this kind of problem, we should take reasonable installation and construction means, scientific prevention of fiber optic cable failure.

2, irregular operation

The typical failure of electric power communication fiber optic cable mostly originates from irregular operation, once such a situation occurs, it is necessary to analyze the source and find a reasonable response program. Combined with the actual situation analysis, the relevant personnel failed to implement the action in accordance with the management norms and operating procedures, coupled with the lack of understanding of the operating characteristics of the fiber optic cable, so that the subsequent operation and maintenance measures are inappropriate, a variety of problems, affecting the transmission of fiber optic cable.

3, the influence of external forces

Compared with other failures, the external influence of the cable failure is the most prominent. Such as municipal construction, fiber optic cables will be seriously affected, destructive damage. The reason for the problem is that municipal construction ignored the setup of cable protection signs, failed to take timely and reasonable countermeasures, so that the subsequent use of obstacles. Fiber optic cable failure caused by external forces is difficult to find emergency measures in a short period of time, the negative impact is large, must be as far as possible to prevent related problems.

4, lack of technical support

When power communication cable failure occurs, it is also necessary to take reliable measures to deal with it, especially after the integration of new technology, the network management system can send an alarm signal according to the actual situation, so that the staff can take reliable means to reduce the negative impact. Although this technical measure has a significant effect, it is only applicable to the judgment of the line interruption problem, and it is difficult to clarify the location of the fault point. Conventional test fault point and line marking can not be completely corresponding to the actual grasp of the fault point location and the specific fault point location there is a significant error, so that the repair work is faced with a lot of obstacles. In addition, rodent damage and animal biting lines will also make the fiber optic cable transmission is affected, so we need to pay attention to reliable technical precautions.

Third, the power communication general fiber optic cable failure response method

1, pay attention to the details of operation and maintenance

The operation and maintenance of power communication cable has strict requirements, should be maintained from the emergency situation and cable parameters determination, regular inspection and other aspects, in order to eliminate hidden dangers in a timely manner, so that the cable to maintain a good state of operation . Daily inspection, maintenance personnel should be implemented in accordance with the requirements of the work, and gradually change the inspection method, expand the scope of inspection, extend the inspection time, the problems found in a timely manner, to eliminate the interference factors of the optical fiber cable, so that its stable operation.

Power communication cable use stage, need to pay attention to the joint power value attenuation problem, maintenance personnel should pay attention to all the details, for the optical power to be measured, accurately calculate the attenuation value, complete the standard data value and the measured value of the accurate comparison, summarize the power attenuation of the cable law, to provide a basis for subsequent work. Optical cable inspection, maintenance personnel should pay attention to the cable temperature changes and parameters, while recording temperature information in detail, so that the unexpected conditions of the cable can be dealt with, under the support of the emergency plan to maintain stable operation.

2, actively implement the cable test

Communication cable belongs to the core of communication technology, but also an important condition for the operation of communication technology, need to pay attention to the actual situation, clear potential problems. Communication cable line maintenance can not cope with human damage and human theft and other problems, so the basic test work should be implemented. The natural environment can also have a direct impact on the fiber optic cable, should also be prevented through reliable measures to eliminate potential hazards. Communication cable line maintenance needs to be tested regularly, for the problems found to be properly dealt with, to avoid affecting the subsequent operation. Should be appropriate to build up a reliable database, record the relevant situation of the communication cable, to achieve the degree of reward and punishment, to ensure that the communication cable in the operation of a safer. It should be noted that the testing process requires relevant personnel to master the details, clear test of the basic essentials for the cable to continue to reliably transmit information to provide support conditions.

3, improve the construction of fiber optic cable system

The operation of power communication cable is widely concerned, should take reliable measures to implement specific actions to ensure the maintenance of the cable in good condition. Communications company in the cable management work, the need for close communication with the construction unit, but also joint urban construction departments and water conservancy departments and other joint work, so that the communication cable is stable and reliable. At this stage, the regional power supply enterprises have a high probability of failure of fiber optic cable lines, the commonality of failure is not easy to deal with. However, with the vigorous development of modern technology, you can properly build layers of progressive fiber optic cable structure mode, set up different communication efficiency of the fiber optic cable, so that the overall communication effect to achieve the best. For the problem of high failure rate of fiber optic cable, it is necessary to determine reliable measures to make the fiber optic cable continue to operate stably.

First, draw a detailed list and main wiring diagram, so that the cross spanning problems involved can be avoided and the probability of failure can be reduced. Secondly, the inspection should be in place in detail, but also a close combination of regular inspections and night inspections, and timely treatment after the discovery of hidden problems. Third, with the help of agricultural network transformation and other construction opportunities, to ensure that the cross-road cable hanging high point to further enhance the effective prevention of vehicle hanging off the cable. Fourthly, pole-boarding inspections should be carried out once every six months to avoid abnormal conditions such as bird damage and hill fires. Emphasis on construction quality, strict control in the completion and acceptance of the link, practicing the principle of high-quality operation of fiber optic cables.

4, standardize the cable construction process

Power communication cable operation, should pay attention to the use of cable construction technology, to optimize and improve as much as possible. To focus on the improvement of the construction process in the overhaul, by improving the scientific control of communication cables, making the cable failure rate control in place to avoid abnormalities. The actual construction stage, but also to understand the national installation standards, for the installation area detailed inspection. Construction phase of the existence of potential safety hazards, the relevant units should be ordered to rectify, from the source to prevent, reduce the negative impact. Necessary means can be taken to strengthen the quality of fiber optic cable installation, the maintenance department should also be controlled through the initiative to make failure problems timely and effectively avoided. Only by truly implementing the details, can we play out the advantages of the construction process, so that the optical cable operation process has reliable support conditions [6].

5, promote maintenance operation and maintenance management

In order to control the probability of fiber optic cable failure, strengthen the stability and reliability of operation, we need to pay attention to the strength of the operation and maintenance management, standardize the staff's operating behavior. Should further promote the maintenance operation and maintenance management work process, under the reliable rules and regulations to carry out all the work, prompting the smooth realization of the basic work objectives. Communication agencies at all levels should implement actions according to the power communication network maintenance regulations, so that the maintenance process is more rigorous, eliminating a variety of risks and hidden dangers. In addition, it is also necessary to increase the maintenance and supervision of the maintenance site, for the maintenance work involving fiber optic cables, it should be implemented in accordance with the basic requirements, to do a good job of protection, and enhance the effectiveness of monitoring. According to the current situation analysis, we must determine the emergency plan to meet the needs of the strengthening of maintenance personnel training and education, so that the content of the cable maintenance is clearly presented to enhance the maintenance efficiency.


In recent years, people's living standards have steadily improved, and the requirements for the operation of power communication fiber optic cables have also been improved. In order to better meet the needs of different fields and groups, it is necessary to improve the management mode of power communication fiber optic cables, and to eliminate the problem of failures from the source. In the operation of fiber optic cable, due to a variety of factors have a greater impact, making the failure problem frequently, to develop a response program for external factors, installation and construction and other reasons, to maintain the stable operation of fiber optic cable. Through the detailed analysis of this paper, clear power communication ordinary cable failure, causes and response methods, advocate the staff from the improvement of construction technology, standardize the construction process and the establishment of inspection mechanism, etc., to promote the power communication cable to maintain a good state of operation.

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