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These are related to the Installation news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Installation and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Installation market.
[Knowledge] The Difference between Aluminium Clad Steel And Steel Core Aluminium Stranded Wire
First, the material is differentAluminium clad steel is steel as the core material, outsourced with aluminium or aluminium alloy, belongs to a kind of outsourced aluminium products. Steel core aluminium stranded wire is made of multi-stranded aluminium and steel core stranded into an alloy cable.Sec
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[Knowledge] Installation Steps And Use Method of Dome Type Splicing Closure
Dome type optical cable splice closure is a device used for optical cable connection, it can protect the connection point of optical fibre and provide good protection and sealing performance. In this article, we will introduce the installation steps and usage of dome type optical cable splice box in
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[Knowledge] What is Pre-connected ODN?
1 IntroductionIn ODN, from the service aggregation point to the user is generally divided into backbone, distribution, introduction, home multiple segments. The construction of the introduction section of the traditional ODN cable involves a large number of fiber core splices. In the user installati
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[Knowledge] What Do We Need To Pay Attention To When Using The Residual Cable Rack?
The use of electricity makes the modern life develop rapidly. Wire and cable, if not properly used and maintained, may cause some safety hazards, and it will lead to accidents, especially fire. In order to make the wire and cable work better, we should maintain the wire and cable regularly. However,
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[Knowledge] Research on the faults and response methods of ordinary fiber optic cable for electric power communication
Power communication fiber optic cables are very prone to failures in data transmission, which are generally manifested as reduced transmission rate, poor transmission quality, transmission interruption and so on. In the face of such a situation, reasonable means should be taken to deal with the fail
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[Knowledge] How to Install the Cabinet Tray?
(A) How to install the cabinet tray?The installation of the cabinet tray only requires the use of four pins to fix it on the square hole of the cabinet corner cabinet. Specific operation: first of all, the pins will be contracted inward (Figure 1), then the cabinet tray will be flipped over and inse
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