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Power Cord Safety

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Electric energy is an indispensable energy, it needs to pass through the transmission line, portable distribution box, wiring distribution board to enter our daily life. Simply put, the power cord can be dangerous. Of course, ordinary power cords are not as dangerous as high-voltage cords in substations. But you still need to be careful when using electricity to avoid accidents. 





Like lc lc fiber patch cords, power cords are sometimes mounted directly on the ground, making it possible for people to trip over them as they pass. Try to put power cords behind furniture or other fixtures so they don't get in the way. If the power cord has to go through a walking area, you can cover it with a device similar to a speed bump, which is also used to cover multimode patch cords.



Correct Fixing Methods


If you need to cover the power cord like fiber patch cables, make sure you use the correct cover. For example, don't cover power cords under ordinary carpets. Because the power cords will heat up, and the carpet will block the heat, this can lead to a fire. Once a fire is caused, not only the power cord will be damaged, but also the fiber optic distribution box, 2 port fiber termination box and other equipment may be damaged in the fire. 


In addition, the power cord should not be installed where people will step on it. Over time, the power cord will wear out. If the outer shell of the sc fiber patch panel is broken, the network will be interrupted. If the outer shell of the power line is broken and the inner conductor is exposed, then it may leak electricity, which will pose a great threat to people's safety. 


59-2-patch cord


Use the Power Cord as Expected


Different power cords can have different voltage ratings. If you try to connect a 250 volt appliance with a 125 volt rated power cord, the power cord may be damaged or even cause an electrical fire. Each power cord is rated for a certain number of volts, watts and amperes. In use, the corresponding parameters of the electrical appliance should not exceed the rated parameters of the power cord.


Similar to fibre optic cable adapter, fixed fiber optic attenuator and other equipment, the power cord will heat up when transmitting electric energy. Therefore, the power cord must be placed in a well ventilated place. Otherwise, the power cord will not be able to release excess heat. Install power cord away from ceiling, wood floor and other heating equipment to prevent fire. In use, if you find the temperature of the power cord is very high, you need to unplug the power cord and place it elsewhere. 


When using extension power cords, make sure not to plug too many plugs into one socket. The more wires you plug into a socket, the greater the power on the socket and the greater the heat. Eventually, it can cause a fuse to blow, or it can cause a fire. Do not install indoor cables outdoors. The waterproof and heat resistance of indoor cables are inferior to those of outdoor cables. Therefore, indoor cables are easily damaged outdoors.

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