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How to Avoid Network Errors?

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Setting up a network sounds easy, and many people think it's just a matter of plugging some belkin fiber optic cables or sc to sc patch cords into computers and other devices. However, this is a bit simplistic. Under ideal conditions, it's so easy to set up a network. But most of the situation is not ideal. The best way to prevent network problems is to avoid them. Before you set up a network, you need to know some common network errors and their solutions, so that you can avoid these network problems when formally setting up a network.  


88-3-fiber optic patch cable.


Poor Cable Management

Most people may put all kinds of single mode fiber patch cables together when they set up a network. Such a chaotic scene can cause a lot of problems. If you need to plug in the thorlabs fiber patch cables again, you will find it very difficult to arrange the tripp lite fiber patch cables. In addition, cables are entangled so that they may exceed their maximum bending radius, which can lead to cable breakage. So you can put some markers on the cables and bundle the same type of cables together.



Ignore Distance Limit

The maximum length of a single Ethernet cable is 100 meters (328 feet). This is the maximum length that can ensure the normal operation of the outdoor fiber patch cable. The speed of the network can decrease as the length of the om3 fiber patch cables increases. Even if the custom fiber patch cables can support 10Gbps or 40Gbps network speed. Understanding the different speeds and limitations of Ethernet can be a crucial part of building a network.



Insufficient Space

It's good to determine how much sc multimode fiber cable you need, but also check that there is enough space to install all the cables. This is especially true when already using conduit, holes, and other infrastructure already in place. There must be enough space for at least the cable itself to pass through. Ideally, there should be enough space around the cable head to accommodate various interfaces.


However, attaching a connector after pulling the cable will make it impossible to remove the cable without cutting the connector. The loss of the ability to remove cables is another common error in space. Networks tend to grow and compress in extra small cables, which can make the spacing too tight to remove larger cables later. 


Still, it's a good idea to leave enough space when you set up a network. If more machines are added to the network in the future, and more cables are needed, it is very inconvenient not to have enough space for them. This means drilling new holes or expanding existing ones, adding extra pipes, and doing more extra work. And leave enough space to solve the above problems. 



Using the Wrong Cables

Although Ethernet is the backbone of any network, there are different types of Ethernet. The exact location of the Ethernet cable will determine what type of corning fiber patch cable is required. Ethernet and other electrical sources should be kept away from electromagnetic interference as far as possible. For example, some non waterproof cables may not be installed outdoors, and they may be damaged by rain.

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