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Have You Ever Paid Attention to the 5G Fiber Trend?

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With the launch of 5G, there is no doubt that the mobile network will need more network capacity. One of the advantages is that it can choose to use a large amount of spectrum and increase user capacity, which is why many people will immediately think of how to get higher throughput and lower latency on devices when they talk about 5G. The future 5G networks being developed by LTE and US operators rely on duplex fiber patch leads, and operators are committed to increasing the number of outdoor fiber patch cables used in their networks. Here are some fiber trends that deserve attention.

97-3 fiber optic patch cord cable 

Telecom Companies Have Made Optical Fiber Investment A Major Focus


In 2017, companies have spent a lot of time increasing single-mode fiber patch access, which is related to the single fiber program. Some companies have paid $1.8 billion to acquire fiber optic assets and have entered into similar deals with a large number of other companies. When large airlines make waves in domestic and international markets, the localization market also presents a similar trend. Companies across the United States are reaching agreements to support small cell phone deployment in metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles and New York.


Fiber Access to Businesses and Homes Is Increasing


In addition to large-scale enterprise investment, global investment in optical fiber residential buildings increased significantly in 2016 and optical jumper cord users are expected to reach 1 billion by 2021, which is reflected in multi-tenant and enterprise buildings. According to relevant reports, nearly 50% of buildings were able to access fiber optic patch cord cable last year, up from 10% in 2004. Early in 2017, due to the need to expand fiber into new areas and to ensure 5G get the support from the appropriate infrastructure, professional organizations predict that the U.S. investment in deep yellow fiber patch cord will reach 130 billion to 150 billion US dollars in the next five to seven years.


The Choice of Network Architecture and Proper Installation Remains A Challenge for Fiber Deployment


While the huge expenditures of large telecom companies seem promising for the fiber industry, there are still some practical problems that will continue to hinder multimode patch cord deployment and emphasize the need for caution based on the emerging network architecture of the transition from LTE to 5G. Due to phase modulation and dispersion, it is not so simple to transmit data over 10 Gbps over a long distance through multimode fiber patch leads, which will affect the bit error rate. In order to solve these difficulties, some technical officers predict that the explosive growth of small data centers or virtual machines may be virtual machines running near antennas in certain specific use cases. Greater speed increases further exacerbate the problem, which is too fast for physical transmitters and receivers and can result in no signal at all.


Another problem is the actual installation of fiber cable patch cords. Because technicians treat it as a cable, it is often not completed correctly in the first installation. For dense 5G deployment, it is important to deploy custom fiber patch cables correctly for the first time to avoid additional costs and inconvenience to customers.

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