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Do you Know About the Coax?

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"Coaxial" is the abbreviation of coaxial cable. Coaxial cables transmit and receive audio, video, data transmission via electrical signals. They are most commonly used in television and Internet applications in the telecommunications communications industry. The structure of fiber optic patch cable is similar to that of coaxial cable.



About RG

"RG" stands for radio guide, the most common type of coaxial cable. RG cables were originally developed for military use during the Second World War.



Usage on TV

TV usually uses RG6 for short-term operation and RG11 for long-term operation. RG59 is sometimes used instead of RG6 when additional flexibility is required. Similarly, RG8 can be used instead of RG11 to obtain additional signal strength. Using optical fiber as network transmission medium requires certain professional knowledge and special equipment such as fiber attenuation and fiber termination box, so the cost is higher.



Usage on Internet

The same coax types used for TV cable can be used for the Internet, which is called network patch cord.


The thickness of coaxial cable is different, and the unit is American wire gauge (AWG). Thicker coaxial cables have stronger signals but less flexibility, and vice versa.




No coax cable is overall the best. If you need a strong signal, use a thicker cable. If you need a more flexible cable, thinner coax works better. It does not like optical fiber, fiber optic patch cord transmission fidelity is very good, and the fiber patch cables itself is very light.



Attaching Coax Connector

If it is a crimp connector, a simple crimping tool can be used to connect the connector. Compression connectors will require compression tools instead. Welding connectors will require welding equipment. Screw in connectors do not require any special tools. Using optical fiber as network transmission medium also requires certain professional knowledge and optical transceiver and other special equipment like fiber optic distribution box. We also need fiber optical cleaner for fiber maintenance.



Striping Coax Cable

A coax stripper can easily remove a coax cable jacket. There are different strippers available for different sizes of coax cables. The structure of optical fiber is similar to that of coaxial cable. In the center is an optical patch cord made of glass or transparent plastic, which is wrapped with protective material. If necessary, multiple optical fibers can be combined into one fiber patch cords.


35-2-fiber optic patch cord 

Testing Coax Cable

Most coaxial cable testers use F-connectors to test coaxial cables. Adapters can be used to convert other types of coaxial cable connectors to type F for testing.



About Digital Coax Cable

Digital coaxial cable is a special type of RCA cable, which supports digital audio rather than analog audio. It's not about TV / Internet coaxial cables.

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