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Connection Problem with Router and Optical Cat

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Can't get online with the router, but can get online with a direct connection to the optical cat?

When using the router, it can't access the Internet, but it can access the Internet when we connect computer directly to the optical cat without the router. What is going on? And how to deal with it?

First, analyze the problem, the computer directly connected to the optical cat can access the Internet, indicating that the broadband can be used normally. Then, after connecting to the router can not access the Internet, the reasons can be divided into three:

First, the router settings problems

Second, be restricted to use the router

Third, there are problems with the router

01 router setup problems

1, line connection problems

The network cable interface on the router is divided into two types of WAN interface and LAN interface, the connection between the computer, the router and the optical cat, as follows:

(1) the LAN interface of the optical cat connected to the network cable, you need to connect to the WAN interface of the router, if the broadband is not used in the optical cat, you need to plug the incoming broadband cable in the WAN interface on the router.

2) Connect the computer with a network cable to any of the LAN interface of the router.

After connecting in the above way, it is normal for the computer to be temporarily unable to access the Internet, because it is not necessary for the computer to have Internet access when setting up the router. There are many white people who found that they could not access the Internet after the connection, thinking that the connection was wrong, thus changing the way the router is connected to the line, resulting in a series of problems.

2, the wrong choice of Internet access

When setting up the router to access the Internet you need to choose a way to access the Internet, if the router in the wrong choice of Internet access, after setting up is the problem of not being able to access the Internet.

Internet access, in some router settings page will be called the connection mode, networking mode, networking type and so on.

3、The Internet parameters are set wrongly

(1) When the Internet access method is broadband dial-up Internet access, you need to fill in the router in the broadband account number, broadband password. If you fill in incorrectly, you can't access the Internet after setting.

In the return receipt for broadband services, you can check the broadband account number and password and other information, if the return receipt is missing, you can call the customer service hotline for manual customer service inquiries.

2) When the Internet access is automatic IP address (dynamic IP), you need to ensure that the LAN, WAN interface IP address is not in the same network segment.

The wireless router on the market now basically has the function of automatically modifying the IP address of the LAN interface when it detects a conflict between the IP addresses of the LAN and WAN interfaces. But if your router was bought a few years ago, then you need to manually modify the IP address of the router's LAN interface to ensure that the IP address does not conflict.

(3) fixed IP address (static IP) Internet access is generally for dedicated broadband services, the operator will provide a static IP address, individual home users basically do not use.

02 Restricted to use the router

Some local operators will restrict users to use the router, in this case, even if the router is set correctly is not able to access the Internet. For this problem, the major router manufacturers also have a corresponding solution, that is, the need to set up MAC address cloning in the router, the specific operation is as follows:

(1) First of all, you need to use the computer after connecting to the optical cat, and log in to the router settings page.

(2) In the settings page, find the WAN and MAC address or MAC address cloning, MAC address settings of the corresponding options, select the use of the current management PC MAC address.

03 There are problems with the router

Some routers have poor stability performance and can have many problems, which leads to no Internet access. If the router line connection is correct, the Internet access mode and parameters are also correct, but still can not access the Internet, it is likely that the router itself is caused by problems, it is recommended to restore the router to factory settings, reset again.

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