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Comparison of quick connection and splicing connection

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When FTTH is connected to the home by optical fiber cabling, the leather cable is generally connected to the home of the user by means of pipe threading or flying cable.In order for the drop cable to connect to the user's ONU, it is necessary to make a connector.  


After the drop cable enters the household, there are roughly three ways to make the connectors:


1.Hot splicing

Hot splicing can be divided into fuse fiber pigtail and fuse hot melt connector.


After the drop wire is threaded into the household, the maintenance personnel can take a pigtail and fuse the pigtail with the drop wire using the welding machine. Then the drop wire has an available connector and can access the user's ONU.  


And the way that uses hot melt connector is to fuse a connector directly on drop cable, operation step is a few more complex, but present effect will be more beautiful. 


Advantages: Simple operation and low maintenance cost.

Disadvantages: large investment in early stage and many special tools

2.Cold connection

Cold connection method does not need power supply, as long as a small number of tools can make a connector on the drop cable, compared with hot melt, has the advantage of easy to carry, but the loss of the connector is also larger.  


3.Prefabricated end drop wire

One end is the factory end drop wire, itself has a connector, can be used directly.  However, it is necessary to reverse the pipe from the user's home to the splitter, and it is necessary to predict the required length of the drop cable in advance, otherwise it may produce redundant waste or insufficient length.  


Therefore, if it is not necessary, in the process of installation and maintenance, we usually recommend the use of hot melt method for the drop wire welding connector at the indoor end.  Because hot melt has two major advantages over cold welding:  

1. splicing loss

The continuous loss of cold connection is larger than that of hot melting. For better line quality and no weak light phenomenon, hot melting is undoubtedly the best choice.  

In addition, in order to save trouble, individual installation and maintenance personnel do not use the fiber optic cleaver according to the specification when doing the fast connector, so the loss of the fast connector is great.  The use of splicing machine will force the use of fiber optic cleaver, can ensure good quality.

2. service life

The life of fast connector is shorter than that of hot melt, and the matching liquid dose used in the fast connector is less, which is sensitive to temperature and easy to aging and volatilization, so the later maintenance investment of fast connector will be larger.  The long-term performance of hot melt is more stable, and the later period basically does not need maintenance .  

To sum up, it is more stable and cost-effective to use the splicing machine to connect the client as a connector.  Fujikura 27S splicing machine can not only fuse tail fiber drop wire, but also make hot melt connector. It is a high precision and low loss splicing machine suitable for FTTH access and installation.  If you want to consult related equipment, please feel free to contact us. 

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