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Advantages of Using Patch Panel

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1、From the design point of view

Comprehensive wiring has a point requirement if you have noticed, that is, the information point requires data, voice points can be interchanged when necessary, that is to say, the same voice point, without changing the wiring through the choice of patch cords to determine whether it is voice or data. This way the voice point and data point are the same when wiring, the design is convenient and does not need to be considered separately, and a unified device can be used.

If cost is not an important consideration, connect all the information points to the rj45 patch panel, and then decide whether to jump to the switch or voice patch panel (either 110's or stg's and other types of voice modules) by patch cords. Of course this is a design that does not take into account the cost, but also a design that completely does not take into account whether the terminal is voice or data. The actual applications are still very few. Most cases still consider the difference between voice and data, and there are many specific approaches.

2、From the construction point of view

Large-scale project information points are very large, the use of patch cord connection between the switching equipment and cabling system can be more convenient construction management, the cabinet will also be very neat, after all, the patch cord to be much shorter. Detection is also much more convenient.

3、Management and maintenance

This aspect is actually very concerned about large users, patch panel can effectively improve efficiency and reduce the time to check the error. For the replacement of the terminal use also provides a convenient and fast method.


What are the advantages of patch panel?

1. The traditional method of testing user lines to be completed by manual operation, after taking a centralized on-line mode can use the existing automatic test system for remote bureau user lines, thus realizing unattended or less manned.

2. Take the centralized on-line microcomputer operation can be combined with the computer integrated management system to achieve operational automation.

3. Centralized on line can choose the shortest path near the jumper, only 2 - 3m can be, saving a lot of jumper cables. The traditional method jumper generally has more than 10 meters, or even dozens of meters.

4. In case of moving, changing the number and engineering backwards, the traditional method needs to remove a large number of patch cords, heavy work, patch panel card connection point by repeatedly card connection, will cause card point slack. Take the centralized on-line mode only microcomputer operation can be completed, reducing the wear and tear of the card connection point, extending the life of the patch panel, but also to reduce the occurrence of obstacles.

5. Centralized on line patch panel jumper once completed, to avoid the traditional method of multiple irregular jumper caused by confusion, so that the patch panel appearance beautiful and neat.

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