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MT-1040B 1U ODF Fiber Optical Distribution Frame 12 Ports Rotary Pull-out Type Patch Panel

Melontel ODF(Optical Distribution Frame) is an Optical fiber Distribution equipment specially designed for the Optical fiber communication machine room. It has the function of Optical cable fixation and protection.
ODF is an important equipment in optical transmission system, mainly used for fiber optic cable terminal welding, optical connector installation, road light tones, receive, store and extra tail fiber optical cable protection, etc., it for the safe operation of the optical fiber communication network and flexible use plays an important role.
  • MT-1040B



Product name Fiber Optic Distribution Frame
Type SC
U Size 1U(44.4mm)
Width 482mm
Depth 205mm
Net Weigth 3.98kg
IP Rating IP20
Suitable for Adaptor type SC Simplex/Duplex
Number of ports 12
Material Cold-Rolled Steel
Operating temperature -40°C to +50°C



FDF(Fiber Distribution Frame) Optical Distribution Frame is designed for Optical fiber communication room Optical fiber Distribution equipment, with Optical cable fixation and protection function Optical cable terminal function, line adjustment function.ODF can protect the fiber core and tail fiber.It can be assembled into optical fiber distribution frame separately, or installed in a cabinet/frame together with digital distribution unit and audio distribution unit.Constitute a comprehensive distribution frame.The equipment is flexible in configuration, easy to install and use, easy to maintain, and easy to manage. It is an essential equipment for fiber optic communication and optical cable network terminal, or relay point to realize fiber discharge and fiber jumping optical cable fusion and access.


Product Solutions



FTTX is short for "Fiber To The X," which means "Fiber To a Place." FTTX is a general term for various Fiber optic communication networks, where X stands for The destination of The Fiber optic line.


2. Structured cabling

Structured cabling

Structured cabling is building or campus telecommunications cabling-infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller elements(hence structured) called subsystems.


Structured cabling is a technique for the construction of all the communication network infrastructure in the building. Reasonable wiring can not only save the investment, but also optimize the network to achieve the best use effect.


Our networking cabling contains many kind of products. Such as lan patch cord、modular plug、keystone jack、inline coupler、surface box、face plate、patch plate、cable panel、cable manager and rack.

3. Networking


Networking is a globally coordinated network of specific devices used to transfer, accelerate, display, calculate, and store data information on the internet network infrastructure.


Server is a computer software that manages resources and provides services to users, usually divided into file servers (which allow users to access files on other computers), database servers, and application servers.A computer running the above software, or a network host.

4. Security and Protection

Security and Protection

Acquisition front end

 Monitoring terminal

Server room

Acquisition front end Monitoring terminal Server room


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