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[Knowledge] Hollow-core Fiber
In order to break through the limitations of traditional solid-core quartz optical fibres, researchers have been persistent in their research and exploration. During the research process, Hollow Core Fibre (HCF), which has an air core, came into being. The structure of the hollow core fiber is relat
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[Knowledge] Installation Steps And Use Method of Dome Type Splicing Closure
Dome type optical cable splice closure is a device used for optical cable connection, it can protect the connection point of optical fibre and provide good protection and sealing performance. In this article, we will introduce the installation steps and usage of dome type optical cable splice box in
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[Knowledge] Advantages of Using Patch Panel
1、From the design point of view Comprehensive wiring has a point requirement if you have noticed, that is, the information point requires data, voice points can be interchanged when necessary
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