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2020 CPE shipment | 5G CPE shipment will exceed 2 million in 2020

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CPE is a kind of mobile signal access device that receives mobile signals and transmits them by wireless Wi-Fi signals. It is also a device that converts high-speed 4G or 5G signals into Wi-Fi signals. There are also many mobile terminals that can support the Internet at the same time. CPE can be widely used in rural areas, towns, hospitals, units, factories, residential areas and other wireless network access, can save the cost of laying cable network.


With the development of 5G technology, people need more fiber optic patch cords and fiber optic patch cables. A lot of R&D and capital expenditure are entering the broadband network field, thus creating a better experience for consumers. The goal of operators is to create a network that is not only high-speed, but also has no negative impact on the applications consumers choose. According to research conducted by the device vendor, this means that the buffer time is less than 100 ms, the video frame freeze is zero, and the game response time is less than 0.4 ms. In order to achieve this goal, good st sc fiber patch cable and optic cable patch cords are necessary.


83-3-fiber optic patch cable

5G technology will form an invisible network. Initially, having such a strong network will bring significant market differentiation for broadband service providers, because a good broadband experience will significantly improve customer satisfaction. However, as broadband operators invest in stronger network AI and automation capabilities, and services become more dynamic, there will be a risk that the sense of presence of service providers will disappear. Therefore, it is essential that the service provider's brand needs to be very visible at those points of direct contact between the service provider and the customer. One of the points is the humble home router. 


By the end of 2018, about 80% of broadband CPE will be provided through broadband service provider channels. This percentage will gradually increase, and by 2020, the annual 5G broadband CPE shipment volume of telecom operators will reach 2 million. This is an expensive business as service providers offer substantial discounts on broadband CPE.


However, more importantly, broadband CPE is not only regarded as a cost burden, but also an area of active investment by operators. It optimizes the whole broadband experience of customers and makes the brand of broadband service provider be placed in the center of digital home. Now, for customers, providing fast and reliable Wi-Fi signals in every corner of the home is as important as providing basic broadband speed. In order to get better network quality, users also need to use high-quality lc sc patch cable and lc to lc multimode fiber cable. These armored fiber patch cables can provide users with low delay and high network speed.


There are good business reasons to invest in home Wi-Fi. Network operators' investment in CPE and redefined software can help reduce the overall operation support cost, improve the score of brand satisfaction, and bring a lot of new service opportunities from video to Internet of things of consumers.


In order to obtain high-quality network, in addition to selecting the appropriate CPE, it also needs good outdoor fiber patch cable,  splitter fiber optic and single mode fiber patch cable to provide support. MELONTEL is a professional network cable manufacturer, which can provide suitable solutions for different customers. Choosing our products will enhance your online experience.

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