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Foreign trade social media marketing in the post-epidemic era

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The impact of the epidemic on foreign trade is already obvious. The first is the problem of containers. It is difficult to find a single container. It can be said that the current foreign trade environment is very realistic. The second is the issue of order shipments, and the third is the issue of order delivery. Due to the epidemic, many links have been disrupted. In terms of finding customers, the exhibition cannot be held, and more foreign trade companies still have to survive, so they turned the opportunity to online and used foreign trade software, social media, etc. to find foreign customers.


Whenever the industry fluctuates, it is the best time to reshuffle the industry! The epidemic has come to an end with no end in sight. I think that the foreign trade industry will increasingly need strong strength so as not to be eliminated by force majeure factors.

From last year to this year, I can clearly perceive that users are constantly updating their abilities. The users I am talking about here refer to front-line foreign trade workers. Specifically, in terms of performance, last year's customers were constantly inquiring about whether the international station was suitable, and in the second half of this year, customers were inquiring. What should foreign social media do?With many traditional foreign trade companies going online one after another, the competition on the Internet is also increasingly difficult. If foreign trade companies want to go online, they cannot do without online marketing. And now social media marketing promotion is a powerful tool for foreign trade marketing. If you use it well, it can bring huge benefits to your business. Especially those in the foreign trade B2C industry have personal experience with foreign trade social media. Why do small and medium-sized foreign trade retail enterprises increasingly prefer the channel of foreign trade social media?


We know that foreign trade social media include forums, twitter, blog, Facebook, Flickr and Video, etc. These are basically free. For foreign trade retail enterprises with limited funds, it is a good way to reduce the cost of foreign trade promotion, and the use of foreign trade social media is no worse than other marketing methods. If you want to do a good job in foreign trade social media marketing , which can also have an unusual impact on overseas customers, which is very beneficial to the establishment and expansion of brands in overseas markets. The following are specific:

1. Characteristics of foreign trade social media marketing,Viral communication of foreign trade social media marketing.

Foreign trade social media marketing mainly adopts viral marketing methods, attracting attention through videos with interesting content, soft articles, etc., so that overseas users are willing to repost and click, so as to maximize the effect of publicity and promotion.

2. Communication of foreign trade social media marketing.

Get fans of the product through various channels or promote it in various ways, such as Twitter and Facebook.

3. Uncertainty in the marketing results of foreign trade social media marketing.

Because this marketing method is between enterprises and users, there is communication between users and enterprises, and not all are controlled by enterprises. If the design and layout of foreign trade social media marketing is not reasonable enough, it is likely to have adverse effects. Therefore, foreign trade social media marketing must involve all staff and respect users.

4. Foreign trade social media marketing

The product brand influence of small and medium foreign trade enterprises is insufficient, or it is difficult to establish their own brand. It can be easier to teach with the help of foreign trade social media, because the foundation of foreign trade social media is relatively equal, so the start on the Internet is on an equal footing with that of large foreign trade companies, and if you work harder, you can achieve certain results.Familiar with the use of some foreign trade tools

Individuals doing foreign trade have limited time and energy. If they want to do well, they must be proficient in some foreign trade tools to improve work efficiency and improve the quality of customer development.

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