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In today's foreign trade situation, can overseas social media do?

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In the whole society's life habits have been pan-internet era, the traditional foreign trade rely on offline exhibition and acquaintances to introduce the form is too backward in the times. Especially in the epidemic at the moment, in fact, foreign trade from the line to the line is a general trend. Some prescient people have tried the overseas social media road, some people have made money because of this, some people have been cut off the leek because of this, so overseas social media can do it or not? As a traditional foreign trade practitioners for more than 10 years, my advice is this: overseas social media is not can not do, but can not do casually. For those of us who are engaged in foreign trade, the key is not to do, but"How to do?" At present, the combination of traditional foreign trade and the internet is no more than three forms: first, it's public domain SEO and SEM, or Google optimization; it's platform sales, currently focused on Alibaba International and made in China; and it's social media, mainly Facebook and LinkedIn.


So let's take a look at these three forms separately: 1. Google Optimization, which is the first step for many foreign traders to go online, but precisely because of its early start, although it is still effective, but the platform dividend period is long past and the return on investment is getting out of control. Friends of Ali and made in China can sense that money is not so easy to make. This is because, uh, the Chinese people have the problem of going with the flow in business. If one person makes money on this platform, a bunch of people will follow suit. This leads to two problems, 1 is the competition has become fierce, when customers search a product, a large number of products will jump to the customer's eyes, which leads to serious price comparison; 2. As soon as the platform seemed to have a lot of people, it naturally thought of charging more for traffic. Various new plans came out one after another. A few years ago, tens of thousands of Yuan would have been invested and would have had a good return. Now, one hundred thousand, two, three, go in there, you might not even hear the echo. This is what we now call an overseas social media operation. I think if run properly, it can be a way to break the current situation. Social media has a strong c-side, but don't forget that everyone on the c-side has a role on the b-side, we can rely on linking the c-side individuals to the b-side roles they play. Fishing where there are fish is a very basic business logic. At the same time, if the social media channel is run properly, it will gain customers with professionalism and initiative that other channels can not match. We can achieve point-to-point accuracy through Operation + technology means. That is, the content we do accurate delivery to the target audience in front of. In other words, the customer doesn't search for you, but your information appears in front of the customer. But why am I saying that overseas social media can't be done casually? As a foreign trade worker and social media pioneer for more than 10 years, there are a few pitfalls to remind you: 1. Don't expect to recruit one or two young people to make the overseas social media channel work. Because the operation of overseas social media has a high degree of professionalism, first is the language and cultural barriers, second is the high requirements of content creation, coupled with a high degree of understanding of the rules of overseas platforms, and so on, this means that if you want to have a mature overseas social media operation results, is to need a professional team to complete. This is like our own personal open a tiktok number, the flow is only so little, but the MCN organization can mass production of the so-called large V.

2. Choose your partner carefully. The above mentioned needs a mature team to operate, that the most convenient way is to find a professional third-party service provider to do. But as a professional, it's a shame that 90% of overseas social media services are currently cutting leeks. So how to avoid being cut off, there are a few points to note: First, don't look for too cheap, now the market 30 to 50 thousand to help you run a year, but also all kinds of things can be promised do not consider, there wouldn't be any free gifts. Professional overseas social media operations included a high labor cost, advertising, and video production. The cost would be tens of thousands of yuan, so a lot of companies that quote low will not give you serious content or spend money to put traffic. I have seen the most excessive a peer, will let an operation with 30 projects at the same time, flow, it is entirely on natural flow, the effect can be imagined. Generally speaking, the unit price that really tells you the result will not be lower than ten thousand yuan per year. Second, the choice of platform, this part does not expand here, the author's suggestion is: for B2B Enterprises, overseas official website (with overseas city education combed) + FB + linkedin, for B2C Enterprises, plus Instagram, YouTube and Tik Tok. If the partners choose properly, it can help you to introduce a channel of living water, and even have the potential to help enterprises turn a profit. But how to choose a reliable partner, it is entirely up to the boss of a pair of eyes. Finally, doing business well, pay attention to is to follow the trend, traditional trade from offline to online is potential, online flow from the public domain to private domain is potential. These two trends mean that overseas social media is a viable option. What's more, the offline business is big fish eat small fish, the online business is fast fish eat slow fish. I'm just sharing a little bit of experience as a traditional trader and as an overseas social media operator, if it helps those of you reading this article, that would be a blessing indeed

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