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As to 2021 , total 597 data center in the world, accelerate the telecommunication development

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As an important carrier of the new generation of information and communication technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, data centers have become the foundation of the digital economy era. They have an unprecedentedly important strategic position and can be called "digital economy engines". The "new infrastructure" promotes the development of my country's digital economy, and the importance of data centers in the national economic system has greatly increased. 

Compared with the traditional infrastructure of “Tie Gong” in the past, “new infrastructure” is not only a technology-intensive emerging industry, but also an infrastructure that supports the development of digital, networked, and intelligent economic society, and is the engine of my country's digital economy development. Especially with the development of 5G and industrial Internet, the further integration of the Internet and traditional industries will gradually shift from supporting consumption to supporting industrial development and social digital governance, becoming the digital infrastructure for the entire economic and social development of our country. 

As the "infrastructure" of the "new infrastructure", the indirect economic benefits generated and driven by the data center will continue to increase. Take the data center of the Internet industry as an example. Each kilowatt-hour of electricity consumed can drive more than 30 yuan in industry revenue, which is nearly twice that of the steel industry. In the future, the transformation of traditional industries will be even more inseparable from the data center, and the digitalization of the industry will also drive stronger economic benefits of the data center, so the importance of the data center is self-evident.

According to the latest data from Synergy Research Group, as of the end of 2020, the total number of large data centers owned by super-scale providers has increased to 597, which is twice the number of data centers in 2015.


In the past 12 months, Amazon and Google opened the door to most data centers and also accounted for half of new data centers in 2020. Synergy Research Group (SRG) pointed out that Oracle, Microsoft, Alibaba and Facebook are also particularly active.


SRG chief analyst Johndinsdale said in a statement: "In the past 8 quarters, a total of 111 new super-scale data centers have opened, 52 of which will be put into operation in 2020, although COVID-19 has caused some logistical problems." This is a testament to the continued strong growth of digital services driving these investments-especially cloud computing, SaaS, e-commerce, gaming, and video services.

"In fact, we do see some older hyperscale data centers closing in 2020, but in addition to the number of newly opened or planned sites, these numbers are also dwarfed. In addition to nearly 600 operational data centers, we can also Seeing another 219 data centers at different stages of planning or construction is really good news for data center hardware suppliers and wholesale data center operators."

The United States occupies nearly 40% of the major cloud computing and Internet data center websites, and continues to maintain its leading position. The next most popular countries are China, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia, which together account for 29% of the total.

In the past four quarters, new data centers have been opened in 17 different countries, with the United States, South Korea, China, Canada, UAE, Indonesia, Italy and South Africa having the most data centers.

Not surprisingly, the companies with the most extensive data center footprint are the leading cloud providers; Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and IBM. Each region has 60 or more data centers, of which at least three are located in the four regions of North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America.

According to SRG, Oracle and Alibaba also have extensive data center operations. The data centers of other companies tend to be mainly concentrated in the United States (Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and eBay) or China (Tencent, Baidu, and JD.com).

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