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How To Effectively Extend The Network Cable Transmission Distance?

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1. Increase the switch

The longest transmission distance of category 5 and category 6 network cable is 100 meters, if you want to increase the transmission distance, you can install relay equipment such as switches between the two twisted-pair cables, theoretically up to 4 switches can be installed. Such as the installation of four switches connected to five network cable segments, the theoretical maximum transmission distance of up to 500 m. For example, when the distance exceeds 100 meters, we add a switch in the middle of each relay, then the transmission distance will be extended by 100 meters, because the switch has to amplify the signal to make the network signal to strengthen the function, so it can be used normally. Note: If for a longer distance, 300 meters or 500 meters, increase more than one switch although it can be solved, but the signal will be unstable after the switch three-stage amplification. So the best way to increase the switch is to add only two switches to solve the problem of transmission within 300 meters.

2. Increase fiber optic transceiver

Long-distance network cable transmission, network signal attenuation is too large, if more than 300 meters away, you can add a pair of fiber optic transceivers in the middle. Fiber optic transmission is the most ideal way, the signal is smooth and stable. Fiber optic transceivers also need to be used in pairs, one end of the transceiver transmitting port (TX) connected to the other end of the transceiver receiving port (RX), the use of fiber optic transmission between the transceivers, the camera terminal through the switch and the transceiver connection, such a way of networking for large-scale monitoring coverage is also applicable to the excellent performance of the widely used.

3. Increase the bridge transmission

Wireless bridge has two ways to use, can be used with a variety of scenarios.

(1) Point-to-point connection

If multiple cameras are more centralized, you can connect the cameras to the switch. If the cameras are more dispersed and far away, each camera can be configured with a pair of bridges.

(2) Point-to-Multipoint Connection

If the camera distribution location to the monitoring center to form an angle of less than 60 degrees, you can consider the point-to-multipoint transmission, reducing the transmitter side of the bridge and cost.

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