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Why Is Fiber Optics Better Than Adsl And Cable?

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26-Fiber Optics Better than ADSL and Cable

Faster internet connection speeds are becoming more and more important with the advance of technology. Meanwhile, different Internet Service Providers will install their fiber optic modem which is often referred to as an Optical Network Terminal (ONT). It makes the connection stability of the internet is different.


In this article, we will talk about what is Fiber Optic Technology and Why is Fiber Optics Better than ADSL and Cable.



What is Fiber Optic Technology?


Maybe we often hear about fiber optics as a term being thrown around when talking about high-speed Internet connections. However, most people don’t know what the term actually represents and what about it is useful to make your Internet connection that faster.


Fiber optics are made of either drawing glass or plastic, which are long, thin, and flexible strands of fiber. Optical fibers are extremely thin, with the diameter of a single strand being similar to the one of human hair. These strands are used to transmit light from one end of the fiber to another and, when stranded together in a large number, they make optical cables.


Fiber optics are used for data transmission. In electronics, different voltage levels are used to signalize either a logical 1 or 0. Using fiber optics, voltage levels are replaced with “light” or “no light”. Since light travels much faster than electrons, you can expect such data transmission to be much faster. This is in no way a new technology. Fiber optics have been used for more than a century but it’s only in the last 40 years that its development has exploded. Some of its most significant applications include:


Computer networking and communication


Power transmission


Military and aerospace



Why is Fiber Optics Better than ADSL and Cable?


Maybe we hold the view that ADSL and Cable connections are quite fast for today’s standard but if put the standard into the future, the speed of ADSL and Cable connections is not fast enough. Why? The main reason is the Internet of things, a system of connected devices that can communicate among each other without human interaction. Here is a list of several major advantages fiber optics has over the competition:


Extremely high speeds – Since light is most definitely the fastest thing in the universe, it provides this technology a bandwidth advantage that can’t be achieved with metal wires.


Longer transmission distance – When transmitting data using metal wires, power loss is a major problem. Power loss in fiber networks is mostly related to light reflection and faulty installations so they can be minimized with proper connections.


Data transfer can be either analog or digital – Even though both options are possible, sending data as digital signals is a major advantage as it doesn’t require analog-to-digital conversion.


Electromagnetic interference resistance – No electricity means no electromagnetic interference. This is the most important source of noise in the copper wire transfer. Without this problem, fiber optics can almost be considered noise and error-free. This also implies safety from lightning strikes!


Installing fiber optic cables is quite difficult. They are easy to break. Faulty connections and improper installation can be a source of power losses and errors during transmission. Therefore, the suitable fiber optic accessories are very important. MELONTEL, a professional communication equipment manufacturers, produce Various communication parts and provide communication solutions for customers.

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