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Which Internet Connection Type Is Best for You?

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Nowadays, Internet has become one of the most important things in our daily life. We all hope that we can have an Internet connection way that is fast and reliable to assure we can use the Internet conveniently and safely. As we all know, we have many kinds of Internet connection types, such as cable, fiber, DSL, and satellite Internet. But do you know what are the differences between them and which one is the best way for you? In this article we will introduce some Internet connection types for you so that you can know more about fiber patch cord types and can choose the suitable Internet connection type for yourself more easily.


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Fiber Internet


The fiber Internet is special in its material. It uses the cables that contain glass or plastic wires. This kind of fibers use light pulses to transmit information to instead of using electricity to send the data. Fibers can transmit the data at the speed of light. Therefore, this kind of Internet connection offers a good download and upload speed to the users. You can have your online meeting or play the games without worrying about whether the computer will run too slow or not. To make sure the fiber can have a longer service life, the users should use fiber cable cleaner regularly and put the fiber panel box in a safe place to prevent being damaged. Now, fiber Internet is not really widely used because building the infrastructure costs much money. But if you have the opportunity to use it, it can truly help you better use the Internet.



Cable internet


Cable is one of the most common types of Internet. It uses coaxial cables to send messages through copper wires, which are the same as the one that used to connect cable televisions. The fibre optic cable adapters are easy to install and the price is cheaper because the cable network was already built. There are also many fiber patch cable types in the market, such as fiber patch cables, single mode fiber patch cable and so on. But the disadvantage of the cable Internet is that if there are many people using the same shared cable Internet at the same time, it may course network congestion. That is the problem you may meet when using cable Internet in daily life. What’s more, the there are many yellow fiber patch cord are sold in the shops, so you need to choose high quality one.


DSL Internet


DSL means digital subscriber line, it uses copper wires inside the cable to transmit data electrically. But unlike the cable, it works through a landline telephone network rather than a television network. Therefore, ethernet patch cable or bare fibre adapter are not needed in DSL Internet. Since the telephone network is quite powerful, DSL is the most widely used Internet connection type in the world. As long as you have a landline telephone, you can choose this type of Internet connection.

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