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What role does the fiber optic termination box play in the optical fiber system?

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With the world's increasing frequency of contact, people's demand for network bandwidth is also increasing. The introduction of FTTH concept makes it possible for faster Internet and stronger bandwidth.


fiber to the home applications 

What Is Fiber To The Home Technology?


“Fiber to the home” describes the use of fiber optic cable to deliver broadband internet from a central location directly to private residences. In a FTTH network, fiber cable is used over the “last mile” in place of lower bandwidth DSLs and coaxial wires.


Fiber to the home is one of many “fiber-to-the-x” (FTTx) network designs. For example, many network developers build out fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) or fiber-to-the-building (FTTB) networks, in which fiber cable runs all of the way to consumer properties and organizational structures. 


To homeowners, FTTH means faster internet and more bandwidth. Consumers can stream richer media and enjoy higher-quality interactivity. Additionally, FTTH can support Triple play services, which means that internet and TV can be bundled together and provided over one broadband connection.

To network developers, FTTH is a “future proof” solution that will facilitate high-speed connectivity capabilities over the long term. Fiber cable has virtually unlimited capacity and is just as cost effective when it comes to actually delivering service.


What is fiber optic termination box?

Fiber optic termination box generally refer to the box shape fiber optic management products used to protect and distribute the optical fiber links in FTTH Network. Termination box for fiber optic cable provides a cost-effective solution for FTTH applications.


According to the design, fiber termination box(FTB) can be further divided into wall mount type and rack mount type.


The wall mount fiber termination boxes are designed for either pre-connectorized cables, field installation of connectors, or field splicing of pigtails. They offer an ideal solution for building entrance terminals, telecommunication closets, main cross-connects, computer rooms and other controlled environments.


In terms of installation environment, it can be divided indoor FTB and outdoor FTB.


Indoor fiber termination box acts as the transition point between the risen cable and the horizontal cable, in this way, it provides operators much more flexibility when managing cables. Besides, indoor FTB makes it possible to leave space for overlength and terminated fibers, as well as for fiber splicing.

The outdoor fiber terminal boxes are environmentally sealed enclosures to distribute fibers for FTTX networks. They are also designed for fiber splicing, termination, and cable management.



Nowadays with the popularization of FTTH, optical fiber terminal box will further develop and create a better network environment for people. Some manufacturers provide this type of box with pre-installed fiber splitters, fiber adapters, splice trays or pre-terminated pigtail assemblies, which help to reduce installation time and cost and satisfy different requirements of customers. 


At the same time, the optical fiber terminal box is only a small part of the optical fiber system, and MELONTEL provides further solutions to provide more customized services for customers' projects. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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