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What is the Internet?

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Nowadays, the Internet has become a powerful tool for a single man, for an enterprise, for society, or even for a country from education to business. Every day we get up in the morning, we will receive lots of latest information or news. Whether they are essential or not, we all want to have a look as we all are very curious about the fresh news, especially about the movie stars or famous singers. But if you want to get access to that information, you have to get the Internet in the first place. So what is the Internet wxactly?Let’s find out in the following text.


First of all, we should know that the Internet is a computer network that global communication is closely linked to. To be general, fiber optic cable is a kind of tunnel that can send the signal. There are a lot of fibre optic cable adapters and fiber optic connector adapters that can enable two devices to connect. We can take full advantage of the network. Today, all the information links we can browse online, instant message chat groups, and file sharing are running on top of the basic computer network, called the Internet.


Secondly, we need to have an elementary understanding of the history of the Internet. It was Samuel Morse who transmitted the first electronic information in 1844, which was a milestone. After these pioneers hardworking,until the 1960s, we had got ready for a global network. Based on that, in the 1970s, the first modern Internet came into being. TCP was improved by adding the notion of computer addresses to which Internet Traffic could be rooted. This laid a solid foundation of TCP/IP that is the basis of the modern Internet. Next, we got the web in the 1980s which gave birth to online shopping and e-commerce. In the 1990s, the web became prevalent that was followed by Amazon and Google. Eventually, in the 2000s, nearly every country in the world was connected to the Internet.  With the help of fiber optic adaptors or fiber adapters, every country can connect all the equipment so that every country can connect with each other to achieve the dream of global village.



Here comes the content that the Internet is usually used for. It is a very primary task to move the computerized information which is regarded as data from one place to another. Just like the mail delivery that just sent the mail to different places, the Internet tackled all the information in the same way but it takes much less time to finish so that it is more and more crucial. For example, the Internet will send all the information required by a company to all its employees simultaneously without any exception. This is only one of the various functions of the Internet. If you want to keep the Internet stable, you should check the fiber optic cable on a regular basis. There are many fiber cleaning kits. But not all of them are very effctive. Fiber optic cleaner and fiber connector cleaner can do a really good job to keep them clean. Also, fiber cleaning pen and fiber optic cleaning fluid can be more convenient because it is popular.


Nowadays, it is versatile and throughout people’s lives. Every coin has two sides. We should be aware of its weaknesses and take full advantage of its strength that can bring a better life to the world.

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