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What is Power Over Ethernet?

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Power over Ethernet (POE) is a widely used term. Today, most fiber optic patch cables are made POE ready, but what does that really mean? This article will explore what POE is.



What is Power Over Ethernet?


To understand POE, first think about how fiber optic patch cords work. At the core of each single mode fiber patch cable, there are some copper wires running along the entire length of the cable. Ethernet cables carry electrical signals that are interpreted by computers and other electronic products as 1 and 0 that make up the binary code.  Outdoor fiber patch cable has been able to transmit power since its invention. POE just takes that function and moves it in a similar but slightly different direction.


Previously, every electronic device using Ethernet required two cables: the armored fiber patch cable itself and another power cable. Many IT employees are annoyed because the electronic devices they use are not all close to sockets or other power supplies. POE can solve this problem by allowing multimode patch cord to power itself, which makes POE cable an all-in-one solution. In 2003, POE was standardized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Shortly after that, POE began to be widely used in the IT industry.


84-2-fiber optic patch cable


Which Devices Need Power Over Ethernet

Although POE is an innovative solution, its capabilities are limited. Compared with traditional power cables, there is not much metal in the conductor of sc to lc fiber patch cable. This means that POE is mainly used for small devices that do not require too much power. Electronic devices such as VOIP phones, security cameras, digital signs and laptops can all get power from POE connections, while large devices like desktops and servers can't.


There are different types of POE available because its technology has improved over the past 16 years. The exact amount of power a POE cable supports may depend on its age. At present, most POE cables on the market are made according to the latest and highest standards. 


The text on the outside of the lc sc patch cable indicates which POE standard the cable is made to. It may also show an IEEE number, which can be viewed via the IEEE website linked above. All types of POE have security measures to prevent excess power from damaging connected equipment, but if an old cable uses less watts than the connected device, it will not work at all.



Why Use Power Over Ethernet?


The first reason to use POE is that it's easy to install. Ordinary power cables are larger and heavier than fiber optic cable patch cords and are more difficult to pass through walls and pipes. Ethernet cable can solve these problems easily. The second reason is to reduce costs. Almost every Ethernet cable is made POE ready today and Ethernet cables are very cheap. Since different types of Ethernet cables only determine data speed, not watt rating, there is no problem using the cheapest mode conditioning fiber cables. In addition, running a separate power cord usually means that a new power outlet must be installed somewhere, and POE can easily solve this problem.

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