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What are the advantages of the hit-free network module? What's better than the wiring module?

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Someone asked me before, how come there are free and non-free calls for network modules? How can I choose? Why is the hitless network module more popular than the wired module? The person who dares to ask the editor is undoubtedly a novice of integrated wiring! In the spirit of Inman's service, Xiaobai is invited to enter the pit! If the introduction is wrong, please leave a message for criticism. First of all, we need to know the role of the network module. The network module is applied to the c or the network patch panel. Secondly, we have to distinguish what the wired network module and the free-to-play network module look like. The wiring network module is as follows: The free-playing network module is as follows: After figuring out the most basic, then we can enter the topic. 


Let's take a look at the difference between the hit-line module and the hit-free module? Why are hit-free modules so popular? Let's take Inman's network module as an example to introduce it. Difference 1: The wire-bonding module is more troublesome to wire. The wire-bonding network module needs to use a wire cutter. If it is used improperly, this module may be invalid. Special attention should be paid to the cable management, and the cable management should be carried out according to T568A/T568B. A line sequence error will lead to unreachable transmission and troublesome reworking. There is no need to use a wire cutter for the hit-free network module. The operation is fast and easy to use. As long as the wire sequence is carefully and carefully buckled, there will generally be no problems. Difference 2: The hit-free network module can be reused. After the general wire-bonding module is used, it will not be reused. On the one hand, it is because the wire-bonding module uses too much force when using the wire-bonding knife, which may damage the wire-bonding module. On the other hand, in the process of removing the network cable, there will be violent removal of the network cable core, which will also damage the wiring module. Difference 3: The multi-layer protection of the hit-free module is more than that of the wire-bond module.


Both the wire-bonded module and the hit-free module of Inman have added the PCB board, which can reduce EMI/RFI interference, bring lower signal attenuation and higher return loss. The high-strength punching post is used, and the phosphor bronze piercing card knife is used to easily punch in and closely fit the wire core, up to 300 times of punching, and the contact is stable and continuous. The only difference is that the wire-pressing cover of the free-to-play module is also a protective cover, which is dust-proof and anti-aging. Due to the slightly complicated operation of the wire-bonding module, it has been gradually replaced by the no-bonding module. However, some people in the industry think that the wire-bonding module is better to use. They think that the contact performance is better, and the number of failures and wire-bonding life is relatively good. However, if the editor chooses, I will choose the free-to-play module, because the quality and quality of the Inman free-to-play module is good and trustworthy.

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