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What Kind of Cabinet is Popular in Cloud Computing Era?

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I. Introduction:


With the vigorous development of cloud computing, mobile Internet, Internet of Things and other industries, the scale of data centers continues to increase and shows a trend of polarization. There are more and more micro data centers at the end. The differences in other aspects have been facing the dilemma of difficulty in unified planning, construction and operation management, which has brought challenges to the rapid online development of the business.



Second, what is an integrated cabinet


The network cabinet is used to combine and install panels, plug-ins, sub-boxes, electronic components, devices, and mechanical parts and components to form an integral installation box. According to the type, there are server cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets, network cabinets, standard cabinets, and intelligent protection outdoor cabinets. The capacity value is between 2U and 42U.


The integrated cabinet deeply integrates the data center infrastructure products, including UPS, power distribution, refrigeration, cabinets, fire protection and other subsystems, and realizes overall management of all systems through the monitoring system, simplifying the design and construction process.




The reliable UPS power distribution system continuously escorts the IT equipment. At the same time, it is equipped with a precision refrigeration system to ensure the operating environment of the IT equipment, and the dynamic environment monitoring system is used to monitor the working status of the equipment in real time. The integrated cabinet adopts a fully sealed design and can be used in a variety of harsh indoor environments without the need for a separate computer room.




3. Application occasions:


Business outlets (telecommunications, finance, energy, radio and television, retail...), small businesses, branches of large enterprises, government, education, and medical care, cloud computing edge data centers




4. Product advantages:


1. Easier


Deep integration of integrated products and factory pre-verification testing are more standardized, safer and more reliable than on-site construction; fully sealed design eliminates the harm of external air dust and corrosive gases to IT equipment; dynamic environment monitoring system comprehensively monitors infrastructure and timely alarms Abnormal conditions, safe and worry-free.




2. More time-saving


The product-oriented design allows the IC series cabinet-type smart data center to be installed and delivered within one day on site, which is more than 2 times faster than the traditional construction model.




3. Lower cost


The minimum floor area is only 0.7m2, closed design, strong environmental adaptability, no need for decoration, flooring and other supporting projects, effectively reducing CAPEX, fully enclosed refrigeration improves the energy efficiency of the whole machine, reduces OPEX, and significantly reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO).




4. Better management


One-stop after-sales service can handle all kinds of equipment failures in time, saving time and worry; the standard dynamic loop monitoring system can be locally and remotely monitored and managed, and it can be connected to the upper management platform for unified supervision and diversified selection support.




5. Integration


The integrated cabinet integrates multiple systems such as UPS power supply, power distribution, refrigeration, access control, cabinets, lighting, fire protection, dynamic environment monitoring, emergency ventilation, etc., through the monitoring system to achieve overall management of all subsystems, and create an integrated product to simplify Design, procurement, and construction process.

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