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Types of Network Cable Jacket

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The Ethernet cable jacket is made of various materials. These jackets may wrap the st to fc fiber patch cable and are used in fibre optic cable adapters, fiber access terminal boxes, and other devices. The following describes some common types of Ethernet cable jacket and their advantages and disadvantages. 



What Is a PVC Jacket?


PVC is the main material for most Ethernet cable jackets. It is a high-strength and flexible material, which makes it the preferred jacket for most Ethernet cabling. Among all the sheathing materials, PVC is the most common material. It can be used to manufacture bare fibre adapter, otb optical termination box and other equipment.



What Is a PE Jacket?


PE is the most common outdoor Ethernet cable jacket. This kind of material has good waterproof performance and weather resistance. There is also a CPE (chlorinated polyethylene) jacket, which has the characteristics of oxidation resistance, UV resistance, heat resistance and flame retardant. PE jacket is generally used for belden fiber patch panel installed outdoors, while CPE is generally used for fiber adapter panel installed underground.


79-1-fiber patch cable 

What Is a CM Rated Jacket?


CM has some ability to prevent the spread of flame, specifically to the top of a tray in the vertical-tray flame test. This type of jacket is suitable for cable trays and other areas that are not classified as riser or plenum spaces. The CM jacket is made of PVC. For easier identification, this type of jacket mostly uses indoor panduit fiber patch panels.



What Is a CMP Jacket?


This material will not release toxic smoke when burned, and the flame can extinguish itself. PVC releases thick toxic fumes when burned, so CMP jackets are made of low smoke PVC or fluorinated ethylene polymers. The mode conditioning patch cord with such jacket can be installed in the air circulation space of HVAC system.



What Is a LSZH Cable


LSZH cables do not contain halogen elements (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine). These elements are common in PVC materials, which release toxic gases when burned. LSZH cables are most commonly used in low ventilation areas such as airlines, railways, ocean liners and submarines. The military is the main user of LSZH cables, but this jacket is more common in Europe than in the United States. 



What Is an Outdoor Rated Jacket?


Outdoor rated single mode fiber patch cables are PVC or PE sheathed to protect against UV, moisture, high and low temperatures (-40F to 140F), and some abrasion. Outdoor rated jacket is obviously the best choice for outdoor or partial outdoor Ethernet cables. 



What Is the Difference between Outdoor and Direct Burial Jackets?


The direct burial jacket is usually made of PE or CPE material. This kind of jacket has good waterproof performance and insulation. The outdoor cable jacket is similar to the direct burial cable jacket, but the direct burial cable jacket is filled with gel to prevent water penetration into the cable. There is a lot of moisture in the underground environment, and the direct burial cable jacket is designed for this environment.

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