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The difference between soft wire and hard wire

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Is it better to use soft wire or hard wire? This problem is not complicated, and please tell me slowly.


The difference between soft wires and hard wires:

A single conductor of solid metal with a diameter of 1 mm or more conductive, having a higher hardness than flexible wire.

Hard wire is a single strand of relatively thick wire, generally labeled as BV, it is a single strand of copper wire, so relative to multiple strands, hardness will be larger, mechanical strength, small surface area, so it has strong tensile resistance, not easy oxidation, long service life. It is relatively resistant to short circuit current and easy to form, so it is better to use hard wire to do control cabinet. If it is through the tube protection, relative to the soft line, it is much more difficult, and the head is more difficult.

A wire consisting of strands of solid wire less than 1 mm in diameter that can conduct electricity.

Flexible cord is the kind of cord that consists of multiple strands and is generally labeled as BVR. It is made of multiple strands of copper wire glued together. Compared with BV, it is softer and has a larger surface area, which is easy to oxidize. If the connection is not good, it is easy to burn, not very resistant to short circuit current, and it is difficult to maintain a fixed shape. But its advantages are also obvious, that is, it is easier to wear the tube protection, and the heat dissipation effect is better than the hard line.


In terms of price, the price of the two is not the same, the soft line is from the multi-strand line, so the price of the soft line will be more expensive, if the house is to use this kind of soft line, the cost is very high.

Analysis in construction:

Single strand hard wire, in the joint and the position of the line is easy to cause problems; Single strand of the advantages of mechanical strength and tension resistance.

Multiple strands of flexible wire, better through the tube when the tube; In addition, there are certain advantages in heat dissipation, so the service life of the wire will be elongated.

If your home is more electrical appliances, but also high power, then home water and electricity decoration with flexible wire is more appropriate, it can effectively decompose high power heat, do not worry about wire short circuit or trip.

The advantages and disadvantages of soft and hard wires also determine their use and location. Generally, hard lines are used for buried walls and ground, and are used as main lines. The flexible wire is generally used for power connection wires of electrical appliances and equipment. There is no difference between who is bad and who is bad, only who is suitable for which position. Therefore, you can choose a hard line or a soft line according to the location of the decoration.

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