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The Difference of Optical Fiber Adapter

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Optical fiber adapter is also called optical fiber coupler and optical fiber flange. It is mainly to implement the docking of the same or different optical fiber connectors in the exposure of optical fiber, so that the optical path is smooth with little loss. It can connect the two sections of the optical fiber precisely, and make sure that the optical energy output from the transmitting fiber can be coupled to the receiving fiber to the maximum extent, and the impact on the system caused by its intervention in the optical link is minimized. It is suitable for telecommunication communication system, limited TV network, LAN, optical area network, fiber to the home(FTTH), video transmission, test instrument.


The function of fiber adapter


The function of fiber adapter is to realize the flexible connection between fibers. Although the optical fiber adapter looks small, but its quality will affect the operation of the entire optical fiber system. A good optical fiber adapter needs the following conditions: low insertion loss, return loss, repeated mating, stable environment and good mechanical properties.


fiber to the home applications

The difference of optical fiber adapter


There are many types of optical fiber adapter, including LC fiber adapter, FC fiber adapter, SC fiber adapter and bare fiber adapter.


LC optical fiber adapter: This kind of fiber adapter can be used to connect LC fiber jumper or LC connector. It has many types, such as LC-LC, lc-fc, LC-SC, lc-st and lc-mu. It is used as a connector to connect the SFP module, and it is made of easy-to-use modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism, which is commonly used in router connection.


FC optical fiber adapter: This fiber adapter can be used to connect FC fiber patch cord or FC connector. There are different types of FC fiber adapter, such as square, single-mode and multi-mode. But these different types of FC fiber adapter have metal shell and ceramic sleeve. This kind of adapter is usually used in fiber distribution frame.


SC optical fiber adapter: It can be used to connect SC fiber cord or SC connector, and there are many types, such as standard female female-SC adapter and hybrid SC adapter. Most SC fiber adapters have ceramic sleeves, while SC fiber adapters with bronze sleeves are typically multimode. Its shell is rectangular, and the fastening method is plug-in pin latch type, without rotation.


Special bare fiber adapter: As a special optical fiber adapter, bare fiber adapter can be used to connect bare fiber cable to optical devices. This type of adapter allows the cable to be installed in the connection slot, whether it is inserted into the matching or electronic equipment.





Optical fiber adapter plays a more and more important role in optical fiber connection. It is a kind of insignificant but critical connection component. It has the characteristics of strong practicability and high cost performance. It is widely used, especially for TV network, LAN, video transmission, optical fiber communication system and fiber to the home applications, optical fiber adapter is a good choice and solution Case!

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