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Summary of knowledge about the cabinet

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Regarding cabinets, different equipment has strict requirements on cabinet specifications, standards, power supply capabilities, and electrical compatibility. This seemingly inconspicuous cabinet needs to be strictly designed for power supply, ventilation and layout in the data center. Design to complete data center construction and business planning.



The industry cabinet width*depth*height dimension standards are not uniform. If the width is not met, the equipment may not fit in. If the depth is not met, the tail of the equipment may protrude outside the cabinet, and the height is not enough, resulting in insufficient equipment installation space. Each piece of equipment has strict requirements on the cabinet. For example, we often see the description of physical parameters: width not less than 600mm, depth not less than 1100mm, height not less than 2000mm, and available height space not less than 42U.The cabinet power input power cannot be less than the total power consumption of each device in the cabinet, otherwise risks such as tripping will occur to the customer's power supply system, so it is necessary to evaluate whether the power consumption is satisfactory.

In the specific implementation, the load-bearing capacity of the cabinet should also be considered, especially the load-bearing capacity of the floor of the computer room, because the whole cabinet is relatively heavy to avoid security risks to the client room, and the load-bearing capacity of the cabinet and the floor should be evaluated.After adding equipment to the cabinet, the ventilation and heat dissipation in the computer room changes, and the heat dissipation capacity must be evaluated to avoid device failure due to excessively high ambient temperature.

During installation and maintenance operations, you need to wear an anti-static wrist, and one end of the interface of the anti-static wrist should be inserted into the ESD jack of the cabinet. There are high-density vents on the front and back doors and bottom plate of the cabinet to support forward air, rear air, under-floor air intake, and upper air exhaust, so that the cabinet has good heat dissipation performance.



In terms of protection of the cabinet, electromagnetic compatibility is fully considered in the design, so that the cabinet has good electromagnetic shielding performance. The ventilation holes on the bottom of the cabinet are lined with dust-proof nets, so that the cabinet has good dust-proof performance; the design also considers the good grounding of the various components of the cabinet, and the grounding resistance is not more than 0.1 ohm.

The cabinets support side by side cabinets, and the top of the cabinets are connected by the cabinet connecting plate, which can realize the safe fixing of the cabinets, and also can effectively use the space between the cabinets. This can also effectively save the space rental cost for the customers who rent the computer room.

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