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These articles are all highly relevant CATV. I believe this information can help you understand CATV's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
[Knowledge] Is It Better To Use Splitter Or TAP for The Signals Coming Out of The Weak Current?
First you learn the difference between a splitter and an allocator, then you know which one to use.In CATV system, both the splitter and the splitter are used to distribute signals. The difference between a branch and a distributor is that no matter how many branches there are, there is one main out
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[Knowledge] What's the difference between CATV splitter and CATV tap?
1. The cable signals entering the house are divided into multiple signals and output to the TV. The output signals are isolated from each other, and crosstalk will not occur. Each output signal compared to the input signal will have a certain attenuation, attenuation is the same2. The CATV splitter
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[Knowledge] What are the main development directions of fiber amplifier EDFA.
Understand the OFA: Optical Fiber Amplifier (OFA: Optical Fiber Amplifier) first understand the role of Optical amplifiers in Optical communications. In Fiber-optic communication, light causes loss and dispersion during transmission, which can weaken the signal over long distances. The traditional m
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[Knowledge] The difference between a Way splitter and way tap
The difference between a Way splitter and way tap1. The way splitter of ports are identified as: IN, OUT, OUT this is a second distributor.2. Ports of tap are identified as: the IN and OUT, TAP, TAP this is a "second branch.3. The way splitter of signals are the same, for example 306 distributor tha
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