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How to judge the quality of the cabinet?

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With the development of computer and network technology, IT facilities such as servers and network communication equipment in data centers are developing in the direction of miniaturization, networking, and racking, which has brought new changes to the construction model of data centers. , and the cabinet is gradually becoming one of the protagonists in this change.


Cabinets are generally used in network wiring, central computer rooms, data computer rooms, etc. Because the size of the enterprise and the size of the enterprise business data are different, the requirements for the scale of the data center are also different.

How to purchase the right cabinet at the right price to build the right data center requires the purchaser to have a deep understanding of the company's own needs, and at the same time have certain purchase knowledge and experience for highly specialized equipment.

So how to choose the right cabinet?

There are several important parameters for judging the quality of the cabinet: 1. Look at the steel plate, 2. Look at the spray paint, 3. Look at the glass, and 4. Look at the accessories.

1. Look at the steel plate

The steel plate must be thick. Shop around. You can feel which ones are thicker and which ones are thinner when you tap them with your fingers. In addition, the brackets inside the cabinet should be thicker, because they can withstand heavier pressure. Don't underestimate which switches or something, add up to a dozen or so, and they are all heavy.

2, look at the spray paint

For a qualified cabinet, all the steel needs to be painted, and the painting must be uniform, so as to prevent rust and dust well.

3. Look at the glass

The glass must be thicker, and you should also pay attention to whether there are cracks around the glass. If there are cracks, it means that there are hidden dangers, and you should pay attention to whether it is difficult.

4, look at accessories

Since the installation includes network cables, telecom cables and power cables, it is necessary to purchase hook-and-loop straps or toothed straps to effectively secure the cables in the cabinet in an orderly manner. It would be even better if the cabinet had a cable management module that would allow cables to be fastened directly into the vertical mounting rails. Fiber Optic Cable_Optical Fiber Cable_Network Cable_Optical Patch Cord_Optical Transceiver-Guangzhou Huipeng Network Technology Co., Ltd. In any case, there should be enough fixing rings (to protect the cable) on the upper and side walls of the cabinet, or you can Lift up the bottom of the cabinet so that the cables can be routed below. There are also some screws, nuts, etc. used to fix the rack, which should be sufficient. No trouble of insufficient accessories due to future expansion.

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