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How to Invest in 5G Network?

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With the gradual implementation of the 5G standard, the application fields of 5G in the future will gradually become clear and all walks of life that have been enabled will usher in new opportunities and development. The most important thing of 5G network and ruggedized fiber patch cords are the transformations from consumer Internet to industrial Internet, so its long-term opportunities in the future are in the industrial application side. However, the initial or short-term investment should focus on consumption or the connection point with the mode conditioning fibers and the Internet of vehicles.



96-1 optical fiber patch panel

Mobile Terminal


The popularity of 5G network and outdoor fiber patch cable will definitely benefit the mobile phone industry. The increase in unit price and the acceleration of the replacement cycle will promote the simultaneous increase in the number and price of mobile phones. Therefore, domestic major mobile phone manufacturers have begun to layout 5G mobile phones. As one of the leaders of the 5G industry, mobile phone manufacturers will launch a full set of 5G network equipment solutions for scale business and support global operators to deploy 5G networks in 2018. In 2019, Kirin chips and smartphones supporting 5G will be launched simultaneously. The change rate of the final form of the smart terminal will lead to the decline of global smartphone prices and the limit of decline is free. In the future, smart device manufacturers need to consider that the free trend is not limited to the mobile phone industry, but the entire smart device industry. How to make money on free smart devices needs to be redefined by smart device manufacturers.



Video Upgrade


The transmission speed of video stream may be the most intuitive response of 5G network speed and multimode patch cord, so real-time transmission of 3D video, 4K video, and even 8K video becomes possible in the 5G era.



Rapid Development of Cloud Services


Cloud services have been developed in the 4G era, but due to the problem of transmission speed, most of the functions of cloud services are storage. In the 5G era, our work, life, and entertainment can all be arranged by the Cloud.



VR / AR Technology


The landing of 5G technology and multimode fiber patch leads will meet the requirements of VR / AR for basic communication networks and the commercial applications based on VR/AR will be released, including the applications in the game entertainment industry, which is a huge market.



Smart Home


At present, the smart home has entered our vision, which will be greatly improved in the 5G era. Remote control, visualization, and interconnection with everything by single-mode fiber patch will become possible, so the smart home will gradually adapt to our life.




With the development of the 5G era, medical assistance can be more effective. For example, an ambulance can become an emergency room directly, and experts in the hospital can perform rescue and surgery online in real-time. 5G and fiber cable patch cord technology will make telemedicine possible because the delay of remote communication is very low. Also, doctors can diagnose through remote video and provide remote guidance to others.


In short, the implementation of a 5G standard and single-mode patch panel will further affect our work, life, study, travel, and other fields. Besides, there are many opportunities brought about by the 5G era, especially in the business model and optical fiber patch panel. Therefore, we suggest that we should continue to pay attention to and reasonably allocate assets.

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