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How to Improve Network Security

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November 30 is Computer Security Day. In today's world, network technology plays an important role in our professional and personal work. A lot of our personal information is shared electronically on various websites. Network transmission needs to use such as 4 port fiber termination box, apc to upc adapter, fiber optic attenuator and other equipment. It is important to remember that we must ensure the security of the data stored on our computers and mobile devices, otherwise some of our private information or business secrets of our company may be stolen by hackers. The following content introduces several methods to improve network security.



Using Complex Passwords


In some software or website login, we will use the password. Some people use their names, birthdays or home addresses as passwords, which are easy to guess. In this way, others can easily steal your information. Therefore, it is recommended that you use more complex passwords. Complex passwords generally contain numbers, letters and symbols, which are difficult to guess by others and can greatly enhance the security of your account. At the same time, if you have multiple accounts, it is recommended to set the passwords of these accounts to be different, which can also make your account more secure.



Protect Everything Possible


Today, we store all kinds of information electronically: bank accounts, confidential documents, passwords, etc. When building the network, we will use fiber optic patch cord, lc to fc adapter, optical termination box, server and other devices. Therefore, we need to use some methods to protect the network from the device. 



Upgrade the Software to the Latest Version


Any Internet browser, application or operating system running on any desktop, laptop or mobile device needs to be upgraded regularly. Internet companies will add better protection and some new features to the new version. Applications and operating systems that are not updated are more likely to be attacked by hackers. In addition, some aging hardware, such as indoor fiber termination box and single mode attenuator, also need to be replaced to ensure the normal operation of the network.



Check Whether the Website is Encrypted


When users log in to some websites, especially online shopping websites or online banking, they should ensure that the data transmitted between the computer and the company server is completed without being intercepted. These types of websites are encrypted and secure to share sensitive information. You can determine whether the website is encrypted by checking the URL or web address. Secure sites begin with https://, while non-secure sites begin with http://. When entering private data such as personal information, passwords, you have to check again that the site is actually encrypted.


Network security is closely related to our personal privacy, so protecting network security is to protect ourselves. In addition to the above methods, we can also use high security FTTH termination box, sc apc duplex adapter and other network hardware to improve the security performance of the network. Nowadays, many hackers will use network attacks to obtain some important information. Network security has become a topic that can not be ignored.

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