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How to Connect A Secure IP Camera to A PC or Mac?

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If you have a secure IP camera and no NVR in your home, you may encounter the problem of how to connect the IP camera directly to the PC (no router, no optical patch panel, no DVR, or no receiver), which does not mean that you are an idiot because only technicians have such experience. It is wise to connect your secure IP camera to your computer (or computer monitor) for 24-hour monitoring and recording. With or without the fiber optic patch cable, you can use the following five solutions to connect indoor or outdoor surveillance cameras to your PC or Mac.


71-1 duplex fiber 拷贝


Connect WiFi or PoE Camera Directly to PC / MAC (No Internet)


In fact, connecting a secure IP camera directly to a PC / Mac requires no NVR, DVR, duplex fiber, WiFi, any cost, or complex configuration. You just need to follow these steps:


Charge your camera.

Connect the camera and the computer with SC to LC fiber cables.

Scan and find out the IP address of the security camera on the computer.

Change the IP address of the computer to the same network prefix as the IP camera.



Connect to Your Computer Via Wireless Network / Camera


If you have a WiFi network and need to view the IP camera remotely, you can connect the WiFi camera to the computer via optical patch cords through a router.


Charge your WiFi security camera.

Use a fiber patch lead to connect the camera to the router.

Watch the IP camera on your PC / Mac.

Set up WiFi settings and unplug.



Connect A POE (Wired) IP Camera to A Computer without A PoE Injector / Switch


Connecting a Poe wired IP camera to a WiFi like computer through a router does not even require a power adapter, WiFi, and SC patch cords, but only two steps.


Use a fiber patch to connect the camera to the router.

Watch the IP camera on your computer.



Connect the POE (Wired) IP Camera to the Computer Using the POE Syringe / Switch


If your router does not support PoE, you need a PoE injector/ switch to help you connect your IP camera to your PC. The procedure for connecting a Poe IP camera to a PC via a Poe injector / switch is exactly the same as connecting without a Poe injector / switch, so we present the following approach which is easier to understand. The following is how to connect CCTV surveillance camera system to computer without router network.


When you receive a purchased new IP camera system, connect the NVR to the computer's monitor and mouse, and use the power adapter to charge the NVR and camera. For the wireless system, WiFi NVR and WiFi camera will be automatically connected after charging, while PoE system needs to connect Poe camera to NVR through the LC patch cord provided. After the launch and setup wizard page pops up, you need to follow the instructions to monitor your camera and perform other configurations.

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