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How to Braid Shield Cable with Cable Stripper

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Nowadays, the complexity of communication and control systems continues to increase. Signals and control communications travel farther and farther. Faults related to electrical interference (noise) are also increasing exponentially. Our lives are affected by various signals. Surrounding, how the signal and the signal do not interfere with each other, the cable shielding layer plays a vital role. There are many key independent elements inside the carefully designed coaxial cable, and the cable shielding layer can make these elements independent. Braided-shield cables provide a flexible method of electrically shielding a cable. The braid also adds strength to the cable. Because of this, braided-shield cables are the best choice for cables used in mobile, remote or live applications.


The function of Cable shield


1、The semi-conductive shielding layer is usually set on the outer surface of the conductor core and the outer surface of the insulating layer, which are called the inner semi-conductive shielding layer and the outer semi-conductive shielding layer respectively. The semi conductive shielding layer is composed of semi conductive materials with low resistivity and thin thickness.


2、The inner semiconducting shielding layer is to uniform the electric field on the outer surface of the wire core, so as to avoid partial discharge of the conductor and insulation caused by the unsmooth surface of the conductor and the air gap caused by the stranding of the core. The Outer Semiconducting shielding layer has good contact with the outer surface of the insulation layer, and has equal potential with the metal sheath, so as to avoid partial discharge with the metal sheath due to defects such as surface cracks of wire and cable insulation.


3. For medium and low voltage power wires and cables without metal sheath, in addition to setting semi conductive shielding layer, metal shielding layer should be added. Metal shielding layer is usually made of copper tape or copper wire, which mainly plays the role of shielding electric field.


The way to braid shield cables


The standard approach is to completely unbraid the shield with Cable Stripper to free the conductors inside, and then twist the shield conductors together. While there is nothing wrong with this method, it is tedious to unbraid the shield.


So we offer two weaving methods, and the second provides a cleaner way to prepare the shield without putting pressure on the conductor, resulting in a cleaner, more manageable shielded conductor.


Traditional solutions


Strip the jacket ▷ Continue unbraiding the shield ▷ Remove any paper or plastic material ▷ Twist the fanned shield into a single conductor.

braid shield cables23


Better solutions


1、Strip the cable’s jacket with Cable Stripper.

2、Push the braided shield away from the end of the wire to loosen the braid.

3、With a pointed tool kit, carefully push the strands to the side to make an opening in the braid.

4、Work slowly and the strands will move easily.

The size of the opening will depend on the flexibility of the inner conductors and your own skill.

5、Loop the tool around the conductors and pull them through the opening in the braid. If there is a paper or plastic wrapper, you may be able to remove this before you create the opening in the braid.

6、Continue pulling the conductors and filler through the opening.

7、The braided shield is now empty.

8、Cut the filler material.

9、Lightly squeeze and pull on the empty, loosened braid.

10、This step tightens the braid.

11、The cable is ready to be attached.

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