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How Much Do You Know About The Common Sense of Data Line Surge Protection?

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The natural world has tremendous power and many opportunities that can directly and indirectly blow up your business and home network. All we can do is install data line surge protectors to arm the network to help protect highly integrated systems. In this way, disasters caused by sensitive telecommunication and data transmission equipment can be avoided in time.


How SPD Works?


Surge protection device (hereinafter referred to as SPD) is an indispensable device for lightning protection of electronic equipment, also known as lightning arrester or overvoltage protector.


The function of the surge protector is to limit the instantaneous overvoltage that penetrates into the power line and signal transmission line within the voltage range that the equipment or system can withstand, or to discharge strong lightning current into the ground, thereby protecting the protected equipment or system from being damaged.


The type and structure of SPD are different for different purposes. But it should contain at least one non-linear voltage limiting element. The basic components used in surge protectors include discharge gaps, gas-filled discharge tubes, varistors, suppression diodes, and choke coils.


Lightning Protection for Overhead Optical Cables And Buried Optical Cables


Fiber access terminal box and termination box for fiber optic cable usually have a structure in which the reinforced core can be broken and connected. Regardless of whether the electrical connection or disconnection is used, the metal pressure plate connection structure is better than the bolt connection, and the bolt horizontal opening is better than the longitudinal slot structure. This is a problem that should be paid attention to when selecting the joint box. The overhead suspension wire should be electrically connected and grounded every 2km. When grounding, it can be directly grounded or grounded through a suitable surge protection device. Such a suspension wire has the protective effect of an overhead ground wire.


In the intra-office grounding method, the metal parts in the optical cable should be connected at the joints, so that the reinforcing core, moisture-proof layer, and armor layer of the relay section of the optical cable are kept in a connected state.


Regardless of whether it is an indoor fiber termination box or an outdoor fiber termination box, the grounding device must be good and the grounding resistance must meet the requirements. Because the terminal is grounded, the potential of the metal sheath in the optical cable to the ground is zero. If the outdoor optical cable has a damaged sheath, the lightning current will easily enter the optical cable under the same conditions. If the grounding device is not good, the lightning current cannot be quickly discharged, and it will not be able to protect it.



The following questions will help you find the most appropriate and cost-effective defense measures.


Which Ethernet Protocol Does Your Network Use?


No matter which standard is adopted, it is very advantageous to find embedded lightning arresters and surge protectors suitable for 10/100/1000/1000 Base-T protocols. 


No matter what kind of ethernet network patch cable, such as flat ethernet patch cable and straight patch ethernet lan cable, SDP will play a very effective role in lightning protection.


Where Is Your Equipment?


The weatherproof enclosure, such as the fiber optic distribution box,  includes a screw top cover or hinge/lock top with mounting holes, and a cable grommet/seal, which provides shock protection for outdoor peripherals (such as security cameras).


Fiber optic cable termination patch panels are generally installed indoors. Indoor options generally include wall mount fiber patch panel and compact metal in-line device. The housing and safety ground are isolated from the jack to prevent grounding when using shielded cables.


In summary, the role of SDP is obvious. How to find the data line surge protection solution suitable for your network is the most important.

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