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Difference between MTP and MPO patch cord

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What is an MPO connector?

MPO stands for multi-fiber pull off. The connector has more than one core and is mechanically clamped into place.

There are a variety of MPO designs available in the market, and the performance and cost of different types of connection products vary greatly. Some MPO connectors will work with many different brands, while others won't, depending on how close the connector design is to a standard product.For full definition of MPO connectors, refer to implementation IEC-61754-7 and EIA/TIA-604-5 (aka FOCIS 5).

What is an MTP fiber Optic connector?

MTP connector is a high-performance MPO connector with multiple innovative designs. MTP is a registered MPO fiber optic connector brand produced by US Conec, whose multi-core connector parts and plugs are exclusively known as MTP connectors. Compared with conventional MPO connectors, MTP fiber optic connectors are enhanced in both optical and mechanical properties. The MTP connector fully complies with all professional standards for MPO connectors, including EIA/TIA-604-5 FOCIS 5 and IEC-61754-7.

Multi-fiber Termination PushOn (MTP) and Multi-Fiber Termination PushOn (MPO)


An MPO connector is defined by IEC-61754-76 as a multi-fiber core connector, "optical fiber interconnection devices and passive components - Optical fiber connector interfaces - Part 7: MPO type connector family "; And TIA-604-5-D, "Optical Fiber Connector Interoperability Standard, Type MPO".

MTP is a registered trademark of US Conec. This is the term USED by US Conec to describe their connectors. Conec MTP products are in full compliance with MPO standards. Therefore, an MTP connector is a type of MPO connector.

Conec describes MTP connectors as "high-performance MPO connectors enhanced by multiple engineered products with improved optical and mechanical properties over MPO connectors". These enhancements offer a variety of product features, including changing gender or repolishing on site; Floating ferrule to improve performance under load; And oval guide pins to provide tight tolerance alignment. Some of these features are covered in patents.

Solution providers that use U.S. Conec components are permitted and encouraged to use the MTP name to describe their products either directly or through a license. Conec's marketing efforts aim to make the term MTP ubiquitous to describe MPO connectors. If consultants and engineers start specifying MTP connectors instead of MPO connectors, Conec and its license holders will be the only source of sub-components in MPO solutions.

Solution providers using the more generic MPO terminology may or may not use U.S. Conec components because U.S. Conec is one of several manufacturers of MPO connectors. MTP/MPO manufacturers generally do not disclose the specific suppliers of the subcomponents used in our solutions. Therefore, MPO manufacturers do not use MTP names when describing our MPO solutions.

In addition, it is important to note that the industry continues to evolve with continuous advances in manufacturing, assembly, polishing, cleaning and testing. Thus, components assembled from alternate sub-component vendors can also achieve higher performance levels. In other words, products can be made with sub-components from alternative suppliers and perform better than standard.

Therefore, we need to maintain the flexibility to work with multiple sub-component vendors to achieve the high performance level our solution provides. Competitive product line comparisons should be based on performance claims rather than requiring specific brand names for sub-components.

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