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Daily maintenance of Fiber Optic Splicing Machine

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As a precision instrument, the daily maintenance of the Fiber Optic Splicing Machine is very important. In addition to moisture and shock resistance in daily work, the daily maintenance of components is also very important to the daily work and service life of the Splicing Machine. The daily upkeep of the Splicing machine is briefly described in the sections that follow from various angles.

01 Regular "physical examination"

In order to guarantee the machine's smooth operation, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive "physical examination" on the Splicing Machine every once in a certain period of time to check whether each function is working normally: press the button to enter the menu, select the contents under the "maintenance menu", and operate according to the screen instructions.


02 Special physical examination of electrodes

Before using the Splicing Machine each time, check whether the electrode is polluted or worn. Knowing the dust and other specks on the electrode is essential. The electrode of welding equipment can be used more than 3,000 times normally.

Please replace the electrode right away if any of the following circumstances appear, otherwise it may cause failure:

(1) The electrode is bent.

(2) The tip of the electrode has been worn into a circle.

(3) Abnormal noise or arc during the discharge process.

Switch off the power, loosen the screw of the combinator. Take out the electrode, don't let the electrode tip touch anything, and then replace the electrode according to the instructions.


03 Clean V-slot and optical fiber pressure foot

The optical fiber will be offset during the welding process, resulting in increased loss or inability to connect the optical fiber if there is dust or dirt on the V-shaped groove or optical fiber foot.

Turn off the power supply, prepare a piece of optical fiber to maintain a 45° angle, rub the cut end back and forth along the groove of the V-shaped groove to make it smooth, and clean the foot of the optical fiber with a cotton swab stained with pure alcohol (more than 99.5%).

04 Make a "enhanced CT" for the battery

Charge the battery regularly. Overcharging a battery can harm it in some ways. Regular charging of the battery is necessary, especially when it is not used for an extended period of time. Workplaces with excessive temperatures should be avoided. To preserve the battery and lengthen its life, the battery should be suspended if it is discovered to be overheating.

The storage environment of the battery should be kept clean and dry. It is recommended that you set up a special place for the battery and keep the battery clean. In order to avoid problems such as power loss, the contact points at both ends of the battery and the interior of the battery cover should be kept clean, and wiped with a soft and clean dry cloth.

05 Discharge correction

If the Splicing Machine is used too frequently, it is recommended to carry out a discharge correction every week or two weeks, and whenever the Splicing Machine travels for a long distance, or when the humidity and temperature change drastically, a discharge correction should be carried out.

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