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Advantages and Disadvantages of Camera

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Today, there are cameras all over the street, which are used to manage traffic, prevent theft and so on. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the camera. 



Advantages of Cameras


When we install cameras at home, we can improve security at home. The camera will transmit data to our mobile phone through the outdoor termination box, fc to st fiber adapter, lc to sc fiber patch cord and other network devices, so that we can check the situation at home at any time. If a stranger enters our home, we can call the police as soon as possible to reduce property damage. In addition, public cameras can also be used to monitor crime. Installing cameras at intersections, shops, parking lots, museums and other places can reduce the risk of theft.


Video surveillance statistics show that cameras do reduce crime rates. For example, after installing cameras in the park, crime in the park has been reduced by 20%. If a person knows that there are surveillance cameras in an area, they may be reluctant to commit a crime near the location for fear of being caught. Some authorities have placed public cameras at Walmart and other stores in the hope that they will help prevent crime.


If the crime takes place in an area with public surveillance cameras, the chances of arresting criminals are much higher. Police can use the images taken by the camera to determine the criminal's appearance, height and other characteristics. In addition, because many cameras are connected to the network through sc apc patch cord, the police can view the area of the camera in real time, which enables the police to find the crime in the first time.


61-3-fiber patch cord


Disadvantages of Cameras


The camera may leak your privacy. Because most of the cameras are connected to the network through sma to fc adapter, indoor fiber termination box, fibre optic distribution box and other network devices, some hackers may monitor your home through the camera. In addition, the camera is also used to secretly photograph women. Some criminals will install cameras in toilets, fitting rooms and other places.


Another controversy over the use of surveillance cameras in public places is that the effectiveness of cameras in preventing terrorist attacks has not been confirmed. Although there is a push to put more surveillance cameras in public places due to the threat of terrorist attacks, it is clear that a terrorist will not be frightened by surveillance cameras.


There is also an obvious disadvantage of installing a large number of cameras in public places, that is, it will cost a lot of money. This is because when installing the camera, we also need to install some supporting equipment, such as 48 port fiber patch panel, leviton fiber patch panel, fixed optical attenuator, etc. If the camera doesn't do much to prevent crime, we don't have to spend a lot of money installing it. Moreover, it may also reveal our personal privacy.

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