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FTTH Accessories introduction

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   The difference between optical cable fittings and electric power fittings: Power fittings is a kind of metal fittings that connects and combines all kinds of fittings in power system.Optical cable hardware is the overhead cable used in the field of optical cable hardware, as well as direct contact optical cable to achieve stability.

    Optical cable fittings is the general term for the fixed metal structure components that can fix, connect, connect and protect wires, and equipment or materials.The material of optical cable fittings is generally produced by steel, aluminum alloy, copper and other non-ferrous metal companies, and in the process of power grid construction, in addition to practicality, all kinds of power accessories are strictly controlled

    Various kinds of metal, different purposes, for example, install wire with various wire clip, composed of insulator string of various rings, connecting wire pressure pipe, repair, split wire on various types of spacing rod, etc., in addition to tower with all kinds of wire metal, and used to protect the size of the wire, must cooperate with each other.

    Most of the hardware needs to bear a large tension in operation, some also ensure that the electrical contact is good, it is related to the safety of wire or tower, even if one is damaged, may also cause line failure. Therefore, the quality, correct use and installation of the fittings have a certain impact on the safe transmission of the line.

Here are the introduction of some commonly used fittings:

Cable Suspension Clamp

It is mainly used to hang the wire insulator string (mostly used for straight pole tower) and the hanging jumper on the insulator string.

The clamp can reduce the static stress of the cable on the hanging point, improve the vibration resistance of the cable, overcome the dynamic stress of wind vibration, and also ensure that the bending of the cable does not exceed the allowable value, so as not to produce bending stress, which ensures that the optical fiber will not produce loss.


Tesion Clamp

It is mainly used to tighten the terminal of the wire and be fixed on the wire insulator string. It is also used for the fixation of the lightning protection wire terminal and the anchorage of the pull wire. Anchor hardware bears all the tension of wire and lightning protection line, and some anchor fittings also serve as conductive body.


Span Clamp

The hook of the splint hook can be fixed with the splint 90 degrees, used to fix the role of the optical cable frame, fastened on the steel strand, for the S-shaped fixture fixed on the steel strand.


Draw Hook Galvanized

The tight hoop steel strip is installed on the pole for holding the S holder to the pole.


Fiber Optic Cable Slack Storage

It is used for the surplus optical cable on the connecting tower, matching with the cable joint box, each joint box is equipped with one.


Fiber Suspension Clamp

It is used for optical cable connecting tower, terminal tower cable lead and the middle tension tower cable bow part of the fixed, generally every 1.5 meters with a set.


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