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What is the function of crimping pliers

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The Internet has now become an indispensable part of our life and work, and in order to connect to the Internet, we need to use network cables. Speaking of network cables, I think everyone is familiar with them. 


Whether it is at home or at work, it can be said that network cables are everywhere. , but when there is a problem with our network cable or when there are not enough connectors when connecting the network cable, the trouble comes. In order to solve this trouble, in many cases, we may ask friends for help or professional line maintenance personnel to solve it. But this is not always the solution. If you encounter such a problem, it is of course the best to solve it yourself. The way to solve this problem is also very simple, that is, you need a professional network cable pliers.

This kind of network cable pliers can easily suppress the crystal head of the network cable. For the network cable or telephone line at home or in the office, the crystal head needs to be used to connect the router and the computer. Therefore, a special tool is required to make a crystal head, that is, a network cable pliers. Generally, the network cable pliers have the functions of stripping, cutting, and crimping. The network cable pliers can be said to be multi-purpose, and even ordinary people can quickly complete the work of crimping the crystal head. Network pliers, also known as crimping pliers or net pliers, can be used to make connectors such as computer network cables, telephone lines, etc.

If the network cables, telephone lines and connectors are damaged, we no longer need to ask for help, as long as a network cable pliers can be done, commonly used The network cable pliers can be divided into 8P single-use network cable pliers, 8P/6P dual-purpose network cable pliers, and 8P/6P/4P three-purpose network cable pliers according to their functions. 8P is used to press the 8-pin computer network cable crystal head, 6P is used to press the 6-pin special purpose crystal head, and 4P is used to press the telephone line crystal head. In fact, the network cable pliers are often used by us. If you encounter problems with the network cable and do not want to ask for help, you can buy a network cable pliers for future use. There are many brands of network cable pliers. Here we recommend several network cable pliers. These brands are commonly used by everyone. Those who need it can refer to them.

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