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Why is sea transportation the most important of all transportation? What are all the modes of transportation?

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Transportation is one of the links in logistics management. The essence of logistics management is not to create value, but to improve the profit space by reducing costs, so reducing costs is a key element of logistics.  The main modes of international transportation include air transportation, sea transportation, land transportation and multimodal transportation. With the lowest cost and fewer restrictions on goods and cargo, sea transportation has become the preferred mode of international freight transportation.So-called important, but also relative to the international transport of bulk goods, if to inland transport, basic transport with Shanghai.Air transport also has its own unique advantages, fast speed!  Check items that can meet urgent needs.All modes of transportation have a purpose and are important.  They work together to form our global logistics network.

Why is sea transportation the most important? Because sea transportation is relatively long, but the price is relatively low, and a large amount of goods can be transported in a single time. Miscellaneous ships can also transport many oversized and irregular goods.  Therefore, in the absence of timeliness requirements, most will choose shipping.  Other kinds of transportation include road transportation, rail transportation and air transportation.  Relatively speaking, these shipments are either expensive or have some restrictions.  


1. The volume of sea transportation is larger than other modes of transportation, significantly larger and disproportionately larger.  So we can guarantee that the unit price of goods transportation is very cheap.  

2, most of the passage of shipping is the high seas, in addition to somalia and other big countries deliberately to maintain a small group of pirates to maintain a military presence, the high seas by political and military influence is very little, can ensure that most of the passage is unimpeded.  Sea transport is not restricted by any other country except the country of origin and destination.  

3. Sea transportation is the oldest and most mature mode of international cargo transportation. Most countries have acceded to relevant conventions and international maritime insurance, arbitration, courts and other institutions are very mature.  

In contrast  

International railway freight transport, especially the Belt and Road freight transport between Europe and Asia, is possible only after several bilateral and multilateral treaties are signed.  And in practice, when crossing countries, they are subject to the inspection of the host country, and the security and political environment of various countries are also diverse, so the risk is much greater than sea transportation.  

International air cargo transport has some advantages of sea transport. As long as the transit country is a member of IATA, its airspace is generally open to civil aviation and is not influenced by the transit country.  However, aviation is limited by technology and its volume is too small to be able to carry only some urgent, high-value cargo.

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