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Why decorate when must choose LSZH cable?

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The first step in home renovation was to take the water and electricity. Once the water and electricity were gone, the entire renovation could continue. If the quality of the water and electricity was poor, it would affect the renovation at the back. In serious cases, it would even threaten the safety of the person and property after moving in.


Many people in the design of home decoration, will put the decoration of things to the design company, including the purchase of materials, although this is very convenient, but there are large security holes. Because you do not know what kind of material decoration company to buy, the quality of how. For example, the decoration of the wire, if the relevant personnel in order to benefit, give you the choice of poor quality wire, it is harmful for millions of years. In the face of such a situation, small or suggested that we design things or to the decoration company, materials this section or their own gate for good. Regarding the wire and cable procurement, should consider several questions, several square lines? Single core or multiple core? Today, small make-up to tell you is that the choice of home wiring, or as far as possible to choose low-smoke halogen-free wire, for your safety and your family, halogen-free low-smoke wire is the best choice. What is low smoke halogen-free? Why must choose low smoke halogen-free wire? First of all to explain what is low smoke halogen-free line? In short, low-smoke halogen-free wire does not contain halogen, in the burning time will not produce smoke, is non-toxic environmental protection. Compared with ordinary PVC wire, halogen-free low smoke line is very suitable for home decoration. Ordinary wires, after burning will produce toxic gas and smoke, very pungent, causing great discomfort. Low smoke halogen-free cable in the case of combustion, does not produce any toxic gases, and smoke is very small, will not affect visibility. Not only in the field of decoration, low-smoke halogen-free wire in public places or places with a lot of people, will be used. Small make-up why must we recommend the use of low smoke halogen-free wire? Speaking with big data, our country has an average of 40,000 fires every year, and the number of deaths caused by fires is about 2,000. According to the study, most of the people who died in the fire fell into the thick smoke before the fire was fully burned. If the use of low-smoke halogen-free wire, in case of fire, halogen-free low-smoke wire will not release toxic irritant gas, will not produce smoke, will not affect the vision of people when escape. 

More importantly, the low-smoke halogen-free wire has the function of self-extinguishing from the fire, can reduce the small area of the fire when the chance of electrical damage, so we use low-smoke halogen-free wire in the decoration, out of concern for the safety of life and property. Safety is no small matter, a coil of more environmentally friendly wire is likely to ensure the safety of a home electricity, would you choose it?

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