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What is the difference between RJ45 and RJ11

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Modular pulg is an important interface device in network connection. It is a plastic connector that can be inserted in a fixed direction and automatically prevent falling off. It is used for network communication. The modular plug is mainly used to connect the network connector port hub, such as the switch telephone. Each twisted-pair cable is connected to the network adapter and hub (or switch) by installing the modular plug.

Modular plug is a kind of plastic connector that can be inserted in a fixed direction and automatically prevent falling off, commonly known as crystal head, professional term for RJ-45 connector (RJ-45 is a network interface specification, similar to rJ-11 interface, is the telephone interface we usually use, used to connect the telephone cable) it is called modular plug.The shell is made of high-density polyethylene. Each two ends of a twisted-pair cable are connected to a network adapter and a hub (or switch) by installing a modular plug.

There are a lot of friends for many times, mentioned all kinds of modular plug what is different, how to play the keystone jack? First of all, what is the difference between RJ45 and RJ11 modular plug.


1.RJ45 modular plug

We usually refer to the NETWORK RJ45 connector, it is a kind of 8-pin connector, mainly used in Ethernet, "RJ" indicates the registered jack, "45" indicates the interface standard number. An RJ45 connector is usually connected to an Ethernet cable and is used to connect various network devices, such as computers, routers, and switches.


2.Rj11 modular plug

RJ11 is a four PINS' connector used for telephone cables. It is similar to an RJ45 connector but has only four pins. It was developed by Western Electronics and is often used to connect phones and modems It is important to note that RJ11 usually refers to a 6-position (6-pin) modular jack or plug, but only 4-pin is used, and RJ11 is also used for 4-pin versions of modular connectors.


3.The difference between RJ45 and RJ11 connectors

different structure 

An RJ45 connector is a connector with eight grooves and eight contacts (8P8C), while an RJ11 connector usually has only six grooves and four contacts (6P4C). Therefore, an RJ45 connector is larger than an RJ11 connector. An RJ11 connector can normally be inserted into an RJ45 connector and not vice versa, but it is strongly recommended not to use an RJ11 connector in an RJ45 connector.


Different cable sequence standards

There are two kinds of cable sequence standards for RJ45 connector :T-568A and T-568B By using different standards, the network cable can be made into straight-through type and crossover type. Now all network cables are made of 568B, and the sequence is as follows.

Orange white - Orange - green White - blue - blue White - green - brown white - brown

Recognition point editing

1. Identify

Famous brand products in the plastic shrapnel manufacturer's label;

The transparency of the 2.

Good products crystal clear, but counterfeit products are also very transparent;

3. The plasticity

The modular plug with poor plasticity will be cracked when pressed with wire pliers.

4. Shrapnel elasticity

Modular plug

Good quality modular plug with fingers will hear the sound of clank shrapnel, the shrapnel forward to 90 degrees, shrapnel will not break, and will return to its original state and elasticity will not change! Insert the modular plug into the collector line equipment or network card when you can hear the sound of a crisp "click";

Recently, a metal shrapnel modular plug has also emerged. The shrapnel can be removed separately, which solves the problem that plastic shrapnel is easy to break or lose its elasticity

5. Packing

Genuine packaging should be color box packaging, it is recommended to buy the first color box.

6. Copper color

Genuine connector copper sheet is dark yellow and thick, while fake copper sheet is light yellow. The metal contact sheet is thin and thin, and the inner copper sheet will appear pressure bias and asymmetry when pressing the cable.

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