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What is a ONU?What's ONU's role?

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To the ONU this problem, many friends may be relatively unfamiliar, do not know why in the installation of network cable will be more than a ONU, then what is the ONU?What's the use of ONU alone?Let's go to understand the next


What is a ONU?

The professional definition on Baidu Encyclopedia is as follows: Optical modem refers to the transceiver that converts optical Ethernet signals into other protocol signals. ONU is commonly known as optical modem, and has the function of modulation and demodulation.ONU, also known as single-port optical terminal machine, is a product designed for special user environment. It uses a pair of optical fibers to carry out single E1 or single V.35 or single 10BaseT point-to-point optical transmission terminal equipment. The equipment is used as the relay transmission equipment of local network, and is suitable for the optical fiber terminal transmission equipment of base station and leased line equipment.

Professional concepts are not easy to understand, popular point said, ONU is optical network with the ONU, if a single fiber directly to the user home to run the ONU to receive This is similar to the household ONU we are still in use today, more than ordinary ONU, namely with the telephone network, dial-up Internet access, compared with the fiber optic network will send a lot of speed.

Now as in the recent years, to speed up the national network coverage and network, many cities will use optical networks, such as Shanghai Province will be 32M home broadband network in recent years, the used here is optical fiber, than most is to use the telephone lines such as 2M or 4M broadband speed is much faster, and it can be said that the ONU is the mainstream of the future, because today is gradually to improve the network environment.Fiber optic high-speed Internet connections will gradually become more common, replacing the existing dial-up Internet connection over ordinary telephone lines.

What's ONU' role?

1. The ONU can also install wireless network, but the process is more complicated. In the process of setting, if the data is accidentally disturbed, the ONU may not be used, and the router may not be used.

2. The ONU is generally used when the network is over 10M. Now, some big cities are using the speed of over 100M, so the ONU has been widely used and is basically a necessary item for every home.

Fiber optic modem (MODEM) is a photoelectric converter that can convert the serial port signal of 232/485/422 to optical fiber for transmission. Commonly known as fiber optic transceiver, it can realize the bidirectional transparent transmission of data between optical fiber and rS-232/485/422 serial port.


Above is what is a ONU and what is the role of ONU all the content, I believe you read the summary of the ONU knowledge has a detailed solution, want to know more ONU knowledge friends may wish to pay attention to us

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