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What is Alibaba Credit Insurance

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In layman's terms, Alibaba International Station's credit guarantee system and Taobao's online secured transaction system are a type of functional model. Credit insurance is an early attempt of Alibaba International Station to transform from traditional B2B to digital marketing cross-border overseas model. After several years of changes from 2015 to the present, it has matured a lot, and has derived RTS (Ready to Ship) functions. C-side concept. And what is credit guarantee, it is essentially a functional system of credit guarantee for buyers and sellers to reach a transaction. The standardization of credit and contract concepts is simply the same as Taobao shopping. Buyers have rules and guarantees from the buyer's perspective, such as seven-day no-reason refunds, shipping insurance, etc. The seller has the rules and requirements of the seller, such as the agreed delivery date, product quality assurance, return policy, etc. The credit insurance system is also a functional module similar to Taobao, based on online payment and online transactions. For buyers and sellers, both parties form a set of rules or agreements.


Now sellers on Alibaba International Station know that there are many benefits of Alibaba credit insurance orders, which can not only facilitate faster transactions, provide protection for buyers and sellers, but also improve the natural ranking of stores, accumulate account data, and allow sellers to gain more business opportunities . So now sellers are actively guiding buyers to take credit insurance orders, so what is the Alibaba credit insurance order process? Do you really do it? Let's take a look at the whole process of Alibaba's credit insurance order. Credit insurance orders can be initiated by sellers or buyers. 

The drafting process of Alibaba credit insurance orders is also very simple. Just follow the instructions on Ali International Station to fill in step by step. Generally, the seller drafts the credit insurance order, and the interface includes the customer's delivery address, zip code, email, and contact number. Special attention should be paid here to the email address, be sure not to fill in the wrong one. The next step is to fill in the product information, including unit price, quantity, shipping cost, specific specifications of the product, delivery time, additional descriptions of the product, such as color, packaging method, etc. After the contract is drafted, a payment link will be generated and sent to the customer. After the customer confirms the order and pays the deposit, he will receive a system prompt. After that, he can prepare the goods, arrange the delivery, and upload the shipping documents until the customer confirms the receipt of the goods. 

After the customer receives the goods, if there are no other problems with the goods, the customer can give an evaluation, which has a certain effect on the data accumulation of the product. If it is a letter insurance order sent directly to us by the buyer, after receiving the order, we must carefully check each item on the order, and also need to add some information, such as shipping cost, delivery time, initial payment amount, etc. After confirmation, we can arrange the delivery when the goods are ready, and remember to upload the shipping documents. In fact, the essence of Alibaba's credit insurance order is to put it bluntly, online PI, which turns the original Excel version of PI into online. The most important part is the payment link. The payment amount agreed in the contract must be clearly written, such as 30% T/T deposit, 70% balance payment, or 100% T/T payment, etc. With the deepening of the digitization of cross-border trade, more and more people realize the importance of credit insurance orders, and the use of Alibaba international station credit insurance orders has become a development trend, so sellers who do not know the Alibaba credit insurance order process must hurry up Learn!

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