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What are the specifications and models of the wire strippers? How to regulate the use?

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Engineers often need to use an auxiliary tool for wiring construction and circuit maintenance-wire strippers. Wire strippers are mainly composed of knife edges, crimping ports, springs and pliers handles. The pliers handle belongs to the hand-held part. In order to prevent electric shock when cutting the cable, the clamp handle generally adopts an insulator shell. Mastering the structure, performance, usage and operating specifications of wire strippers can effectively improve work quality and efficiency, and can effectively avoid potential safety hazards. This article will focus on teaching you how to choose and use wire strippers correctly.


How to use wire strippers

Wire strippers are the most widely used electrician tools for line maintenance. Correct use of wire strippers is very important, so how should the wire strippers be used in a standardized way? In fact, the use of wire strippers is very simple, mainly divided into the following three steps:

First of all, when using wire strippers to strip the insulation layer of the wire, first use a ruler to measure the length of the insulation that needs to be stripped, and make the corresponding marks. If the wire stripper comes with a length ruler, you can directly use the wire stripper to measure the stripped length ;

Then, hold the pliers handle of the wire stripper with one hand, and put the wire into the cutting edge of the wire stripper with the other hand;

Finally, hold the grip of the wire stripper to peel off the unneeded wire insulation layer and expose the metal wire.


How to choose a wire stripper?

When choosing a wire stripper, we should consider the following three aspects:

1. Wire diameter of the wire stripper; choose a wire stripper blade with a suitable wire diameter (conductor size). If the wire diameter of the wire stripper is too small, the cable cannot be stripped.

2. The performance of the wire stripper; if it needs to be operated with electricity, and is used frequently, and the wire stripping strength is high, then you must buy a wire stripper with an insulated pliers handle, a durable, strong and labor-saving spring.

3. The quality of the wire stripper (workmanship); choose a wire stripper with a smooth surface, sharp blade, strong and durable body, and good spring contraction, so that when using the wire stripper, it will not hurt the wire or be tiring.

Some people always blindly pursue foreign brands when they buy wire strippers. In fact, as long as the wire strippers meet the above standards, they can be adapted to maintenance work in various scenarios, and there is no need to blindly pursue foreign products with the same quality.


Through the detailed introduction of the specifications and models of wire strippers, usage methods, precautions and selections in this article, I believe that you can quickly choose a suitable wire stripper in the future, and use the wire stripper in a standard manner.

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