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What are the skills of RFQ Nathan?

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Recently, many readers have come to consult. I report RFQ every day, but the response rate of customers is so low. Is there any way to improve the response rate? To this end, our team specially held a meeting to sort out and summarize these knowledge points. Now the editor has begun to expand the tricks for you. Are you ready to take up the tricks? The meaning of RFQ RFQ (Request for quoting) is that the buyer makes an inquiry first, and the seller makes a quotation. Official explanation: On the Alibaba International Station, buyers will actively publish their purchasing needs, and suppliers can independently select suitable buyers to make quotations. The direct purchase service can greatly improve the purchasing efficiency of buyers, while helping suppliers to better complete order conversion and win more high-quality buyers. The team understands: RFQ=Inquiry, why do you say that? RFQ is sent only because buyers have needs. 


The needs here include: (1) The order is urgent and the requirements are special, but a suitable supplier cannot be found; (2) I hope to understand the information in the industry and make comparisons; (3) There are stable suppliers, and compared with their existing orders, they are considering whether the price of their orders is reasonable. Regardless of whether it is a firm offer, whether there is a real urgent demand, or whether it is a very urgent order, but the buyer sends an RFQ, it means that he is interested. The buyers here may be Wholesaler, Distributor, Terminal Buyer, or Reseller. So RFQ is actually no different from an inquiry sent directly to you, it is just a passive and active relationship. The meaning of RFQ RFQ can quickly obtain the real contact information of customers, contact customers at the first time, quickly reach order intentions, and improve the user system in the RFQ system. RFQ methods to improve the response rate Any valuable RFQ is more meaningful than a worthless inquiry, so how to stand out among many RFQs? When calling buyers, most interested customers will leave their phone numbers to confirm various details with customers. Phone calls are also a way to impress customers. 2. Real-time viewing We have to see the RFQ sent by the customer at the first time. The speed is fast. We can't find the RFQ that has been released for a long time, because the quality of this type of RFQ is good, but maybe he is already negotiating with other sellers. Even the rhythm of preparing to place an order. Fast is very important, but how do you call it fast? After logging in to TM, the system will prompt us when there is an update of purchasing needs, so we must pay attention to it at this time, look for it, and see if there is any RFQ suitable for us. At the beginning, choose what we can do, what we are related to, and recommend our products to buyers according to their needs. 3. The product name is roughly the same as the customer's product. Change the title of the product name of the RFQ quotation, and put the customer's detailed requirements on the RFQ title to attract buyers to view. The name needs to match the buyer's RFQ name closely, but it is not encouraged to be exactly the same; the title must be refined, as a title that is too long will make people impatient; the number of characters should not exceed 50 to attract buyers. 4. Product detail pictures show the certification required for export (for example, EPA required for export loaders to the United States and Canada), so that buyers can believe in the quality of the product; the content of the pictures can be pictures from different angles, detailed pictures, and application scene renderings , packaging diagram, certification diagram. Good product details = complete product description + outstanding product unique selling point + typesetting; content includes parameters, model, product characteristics, product use, export market, relevant certification, etc.; number of characters: 2000 characters! Note that the number of characters when releasing the product is 8000, please do not copy the detailed description of the product completely, and extract the essence according to the buyer's needs. 5. Price wins The price is displayed on the buyer's side in the list interface. Customers can intuitively see the quotations of various suppliers, and can also compare prices, so the price is very important. A really good buyer will seek a balance between quality and price, and price is always an objective thing based on quality. As long as the production cost is not outrageously high, the price will not deviate much. Therefore, as long as you make sure that all the key elements of the product are provided for the buyer's needs when making quotations, sometimes you can also use a step-by-step quotation that compares smart, and give different prices according to different purchase quantities, so that customers can order in large quantities. to get a discount on the price. 6. Sample information applies to some industries that can provide samples. If it can be provided, of course, it must be written, which is also an advantage and must be reflected. How to write the sample fee? Comprehensive, including cost division, proofing time, sample sending time, etc., in addition to the fields specified by the system, other supplementary fields can also be filled in the remarks. 7. The message is short and refined Marketing information to customers should be concise and clear. Introduce yourself in a sentence or two, and a question or two. It is best to use short sentences (I write emails according to this principle, and it can be short or not long.) Advantages: integration of industry and trade, which countries are exported, etc. Remember, don't forget to leave contact information! ! 8. Attachment Attachment type: try to send Catalog to customers, conventional word, excel, pdf, rar, zip, jpg, jpeg, gif, png are all supported. exe, .bat, .msi, .scr, .cmd, .com are unsafe types of attachments. It is recommended not to upload them, including emails. Attachment size: Upload up to 3 attachments, each with a maximum of 2MB. Contents of attachments: the information that buyers pay attention to, the embodiment of core competitiveness, and the display of company strength, such as the appearance of the factory area, the main entrance of the area; the working status of assembly lines, workshops, and workers; large-scale equipment, testing instruments; offices, samples. 9. After reporting the RFQ for multi-method marketing, send another email according to the time difference. Let the customer receive this email at the time of work. If you have WhatsApp, be sure to add it. Contact again on WhatsApp. Follow up with heart, some of our good customers are from RFQ, and the transaction is followed up with heart and treated with heart. 10. Timely reply because many customers like to set 24-hour reply. If not answered, the inquiry will be allocated to other suppliers. 

There is an inquiry, if you take a long time to reply, it is estimated that the day lily is cold. Even if you are not in the office at the time and it is inconvenient to quote, you must reply to the customer. Let him know: you value him, and when can you give him a specific reply or quotation. If the target customers of your product like to use online chat tools, it is best to ask if there are online chat tools such as whatsapp or skype by the way. For customer information, you can also go to social media to search, learn more about customers, and have more opportunities to reply. 11. Pay attention to the time difference According to the time difference, you can set up to send emails regularly. When meeting an important customer, you can also avoid the jet lag and communicate with the customer when they are at work. This is like doing the right thing at the right time, which is very important. Make it a habit to get up every morning, the first thing to do is to check whether there is any email, whether there is a WhatsApp message coming in, because of the jet lag, I will reply to customers in America as soon as possible. For this, you can check "If you want to place an order before Christmas, come here, the commute time around the world is here!" Although there is a lot of competition for RFQ customers, as long as you grab the customer's demand point and solve it, the order will be taken down. Avoid the reported RFQ sinking into the sea, seize more RFQ opportunities, use RFQ to accumulate customers, and let RFQ help us improve the transaction rate!

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