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What Is a Car Charger?

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Mobile phone has become an indispensable tool for people, but sometimes, we will encounter the situation of insufficient power. Electric energy comes from power plants. After through the transmission line, the electric energy also needs to pass through the distribution equipment, such as power distribution box, septic distribution box, electrical distribution box, etc., to enter each family. The mobile phone charger needs to be plugged into the socket to charge the phone. When we are out of the house, we can't charge our mobile phone at any time. In order to solve this problem, people invented the car charger.


58-2-distribution box


What Kind of Car Charger Do I Need?


Before we can understand the car charger, we need to know where the power on the car comes from. The electricity on the car generally comes from the battery and generator. After the automobile engine starts, the belt on the engine will drive the generator, and then make the generator work. As there are a lot of electric equipment on the car, the 3 phase distribution board is generally installed on the car. The Melontel distribution board can distribute electric energy to different electrical equipment. The havells distribution board can distribute electric energy to the on-board charging port, so that the car charger can charge the mobile phone.


Generally speaking, different car chargers charge mobile phones at different speeds. These car chargers are labeled with various ampere options, and the higher the amperage, the faster the phone charges. However, different mobile phones support different charging protocols. So the choice of car charger ultimately depends on your phone. In general, the larger the capacity of the cell phone battery, the larger the ampere charger is needed. 



How to Accelerate the Charging Speed of Mobile Phone?


In addition to choosing a charger with a large amperage, you can also stop your car or turn off your phone while charging, which can also speed up charging. When the phone is turned on, the application on the phone will run, which will increase the power consumption of the phone, which will reduce the charging speed. Parking can improve the efficiency of the generator, and more power will be distributed to the on-board charging port through the 3 phase db box, thus speeding up the charging speed. You may worry that overcharging will shorten the battery life, but that's not true. Today, almost all batteries in mobile phones are lithium batteries, which cut off the current when they are full to prevent charging too fast.



USB Car Charger Cables


The type of USB cable you need depends on the type of charging port on your phone. Most Android phones use micro USB 2.0 cables. Some rare devices may use version 3.0 of micro, but these are quite rare. The charging speed of different USB cables is different, just like the network speed of fiber optic patch cord is faster than that of ordinary network cable. These cables can not only be used for charging, but also can replace the function of fiber optic patch cables such as sc to sc patch cord to transmit data for mobile phones.

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