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Types, functions and application of Pliers

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       Pliers are designed according to the principle of two-armed leverage tool can be converted from a smaller external force into a concentrated larger work force. The main role of the pliers in addition to the enhancement of hand strength can also be adapted to special operating environments such as confined spaces, clamping high and low temperature objects, etc. as an extension of the human hand.

        Tool pliers as a clamping and shearing tool in industrial production and radio electronics production are widely used, are second only to the screwdriver commonly used tools. There are many pliers in the market which the prices also varies greatly. The cheap pliers are less than ten dollars, while the imported high-end pliers are up to three or five hundred dollars.

        Different types of pliers have their different functions and uses. Generally the most commonly used pliers are wire pliers, pointed pliers, diagonal pliers. Electronic enthusiasts will use electronic pliers and wire strippers. In some professional occasions people will use professional pliers such as spring pliers, cable strippers, crimping tools, strong pliers, nut cutters. Here we mainly introduce commonly used pliers.

        Cable stripper is a special tool used to remove the outer insulation sleeve of the wire, compared with the traditional use of electrician's knife to strip the wire skin with high efficiency, simple operation. It will not hurt the wire conductor advantages, suitable for a large number of wire head industrial stripping.


        Crimping tool is used to cold crimp the terminals as a special tool. It is suitable for common telephone line RJ11 and network cable RJ45 connectors crimping. This crimping method can avoid the use of solder welding, so the work efficiency is greatly improved. Crimping pliers according to the type and size of different crimp terminals have numerous models. In order to achieve the purpose of a multi-pliers , some crimping pliers will be made into a modular crimp interface to facilitate the replacement of different specifications of the crimp interface.


          A cable cutter is a specialized tool used to cut cables, wires, and other materials. It is commonly used in electrical work, telecommunications, and other industries that involve the installation and maintenance of cables. Cable cutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from small handheld cutters to larger, more powerful cutters that are mounted on a bench or stand. They are designed to cut through a range of materials, including copper wire, steel cable, and even thick electrical cables.



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